Euro confusion

Damian   Sunday, October 31, 2004, 16:57 GMT
<<Just stop arguing and choose English as an international language>>

OK..fair contest then, so discussion closed. Bow to the inevitable...English will be official accepted for the place of honour. That doesn't mean other languages will suffer in any way I hope.

English will be England's greatest export to the rest of the world then, and it's good it now has many variations worldwide.

End of story.
Lavoisel   Monday, November 01, 2004, 10:57 GMT
«because it already is»

When the state of affairs suits us, the logical reaction is no reaction at all. For exemple, talks in the European parliament are mainly in English and in French, because it's easier to find interpretes for the two of these languages. Thus we could just say: "let French and English be the official European languages."
But when something doesn't suit us, we do something about it. When it comes to languages, the usual tools are wars and laws. For exemple, there was a time where English was a minority language in the British Isles, and most observators would have thought that the dominant language of this region would be a Viking dialect for centuries to come. But a war changed that and a minority language became majority.
Is it desirable that English be the official language of EU? That would certainly seem logical, and I wouldn't oppose it too much because I have to admit I hate being obliged to go to small woebegone cinemas to see subtitled foreign films. If English was the official language, THX cinemas would play foreign films in original version, and I would certainly be grateful for that. Also, a language that is irrelevant to my computer graphics study would suddenly count much more.
But as I stated earlier, inevitable can be prevented from occuring via, in particular, laws (I think we Europeans had enough with wars, so this option is the most likely). Should we use a law if it would probably benefit to all minority languages? If the consequences would really be those Jordi expects, I would easily keep putting up with those small cinemas.
Jordi   Monday, November 01, 2004, 11:25 GMT
We might not change the world but we can certainly start changing our hearts. Thank you, Lavoisel or to say it in Occitan -I think you are from an originally Occitan speaking area- Grand mercé.