General_Ricardo   Wednesday, October 27, 2004, 06:55 GMT
Could anyone provide me with some information about the "frats"? and why some of em, if not all, "suck"
Jim   Wednesday, October 27, 2004, 07:23 GMT
A "frat", short for "fraternity", as far as I understand it, is some kind of boy's club at an American unviersity. I don't actually know why some or maybe all of them suck. I guess they must be full of wankers and hooligans but I cannot be sure because we don't have them in Australia.
Jim   Wednesday, October 27, 2004, 07:29 GMT
Perhaps another cause of their sucking is that they reckon it's real cool to use Greek letters to name them.
Damian   Wednesday, October 27, 2004, 12:36 GMT
Does the same apply to sororities, or are these exempt from negative and malign comments?
Toasté   Wednesday, October 27, 2004, 13:30 GMT
Actually... I believe the only ones that actually 'suck' are the ones turn you down for membership.
Jim   Thursday, October 28, 2004, 00:53 GMT

No, no exemption from negative and malign comments on account of their being girls' clubs. I guess they'd have to suck too. However, hooliganism seems to be less prevalent amonst girls but I'm sure they've got other virtues to make up for this.


Perhaps it's anyone who'd want to going such a club is the one who sucks.

Anyway ... don't pay any attention to the rantings of someone who doesn't know anything about fraternities and sororities besides what he's seen in the movies and hasn't even got enough interest to find out the real story.
Joe   Thursday, October 28, 2004, 03:24 GMT
There is a wide variety of fraternties and sororities, and depending on what college you go to you'll find some vary.

While most are for pure social purposes, there are some major based fraternities, such as Beta Beta Beta, which is a Pre-Med fraternity, Phi Alpha Delta, a pre-law and law fraternity, and more.

But those usually aren't what one considers when you hear the word "frat." They also belong outside the main group of "Greeks" as we call them. To join a frat or sorority is said to "go Greek."

It all depends on the kind of person you are, if you're the fraternity type or not. I would join one of those major-based fraternities but I'm not the type needing fraternity and brotherhood found in a college frat. But not all of them are like in "Animal House." ;)