I'm reading a weird book where everybody dies

Xatufan   Thursday, November 11, 2004, 01:37 GMT
The book belongs to the 4th level of Penguin and it is called "The diary of a young girl: Anne Frank". It is a weird book. Everybody but the father dies at the end. Will this book help me to learn better English? Because the original version was written in Dutch or German.
Someone   Thursday, November 11, 2004, 02:32 GMT
Anne Frank is a famous girl who hid from the Nazis during World War II. I'm surprised you've never heard of her. Anyway, I have read the English version and I don't recall any problems with the English in the book.
Ed   Thursday, November 11, 2004, 03:21 GMT

Me has hecho reir LOL
mjd   Thursday, November 11, 2004, 06:31 GMT
Weird? That's a classic that most kids have to read in school.

Reading in a foreign language is always a good thing if you're learning.
Mxsmanic   Thursday, November 11, 2004, 09:17 GMT
I think it's preferable to read material originally written in the language you are studying, rather than translations, but if the translation is good and/or your level is not very high, it will still be useful.
Ed   Thursday, November 11, 2004, 14:46 GMT
Well, how is he supposed to read the book in the priginal language, if he doesn't speak and/or understand it?
Damian   Thursday, November 11, 2004, 16:49 GMT
Visiting the Anne Frank Huis in Amsterdam was one of the most moving moments of my life so far. I knew the background to her story beforehand but what I saw and read literally had me fighting back tears. Man's inhumanity to man....in this case the focus is on a young girl of immense courage.
lims   Thursday, November 11, 2004, 22:47 GMT
Xatufan, Penguin Readers Level 4 means it was published with the 10th graders in mind, right? I read the book once a long time ago so I'm not sure if the version I read was translated very well into proper english. All the kids in my secondary/level 1 or 2 class had to read the book and it's possible that parts of her diary may have been altered or omitted from the book we read. Unfortunately "The diary of... Anne Frank" is a true story which took place during the war, so for Anne to see death all around her was the reality. It's a boring read for some people but as I read on, it had become more interesting, albeit very sad. My niece had to read the book and write an essay about it and although she enjoys writing, she didn't care for the story or to write about it at all.
Mxsmanic   Friday, November 12, 2004, 12:41 GMT
Keep in mind that the original author was a seventh-grader.
Xatufan   Friday, November 12, 2004, 21:00 GMT
I was just mjoking. Obviously, I know who Anne Frank is. Poor girl!

I finished reading it yesterday. She talks about her periods. How can she talk about that? Didn't she know that her diary would be reading years later by thousands of little children? (obviously no)

Damian: My parents have been to Anne's secret house too! My mother says it's a spooky place! She says she felt a strange feeling, like when you're in a cemetery.

I really loved the book! It makes me think that I'm very lucky...
Ben   Friday, November 12, 2004, 21:59 GMT
I read the book when I was younger, and I remember the English version being very good. Penguin is a very reputable publisher, so I'm assuming that they wouldn't sell a book that was shoddily translated.

Incidentally, for a long time the English translation that was available had been ridiculously edited to remove all references to the author's budding sexuality (she was going through puberty, for God's sake!). It's a typically silly English/American response, editing even a work as important as this one for "content."
Xatufan   Saturday, November 13, 2004, 18:25 GMT
I'm going through puberty too.