to Damian, that busy Scotsman

Maek   Saturday, November 13, 2004, 14:05 GMT
Hello. I plan to take a trip to Scotland (Edinburgh) next year. I want to accustom myself to Scottish accent so I listen to BBC Radio Scotland online that seems to be broadcasted from Glasgow.
Is Glasgow English accent different in any way from Edinburgh accent or General Scottish accent?

Are there any other good online radiostation where I can hear Scottish accent?
Damian   Saturday, November 13, 2004, 20:48 GMT

Hello! First of all, you are making a wise choice to visit us....we promise we will be really nice to you, honest! Edinburgh is the main attraction in Scotland as far as cities go, maybe because it is the capital city and it has many historical connections as well, such as the Palace of Holyrood, Mary Queen of Scots, etc.

Glasgow is our main rival but in a friendly way...we slag each other off a great deal, but both cities are quite different in character. So are the accents very different! I will look up some links for you to log into if I can, where I hope you will be able to hear various Scottish accents, apart from those of the two big cities. You may like the soft accent of the Highlands and Islands, quite different again. It seems few people have difficulty understand the Scots accents (I'm not sure about Glasgow though...I've had a wee bit of bother there once or twice, and that's a fact, but alcoholic intake may have some bearing on it as it was in a pub on both occasions).

I promise to be back with links but it's 20:45 on a Saturday evening right now and I'm off out now for a wee bit of fun. Laters.
btw: Radio Scotland also broadcasts from Edinburgh. Are you from the Netherlands? If so, I loved it when I was there.
Daddy   Saturday, November 13, 2004, 22:50 GMT
Damian, Why are you really busy these days.
Maek   Sunday, November 14, 2004, 13:48 GMT
thank you for your response. Unfortunetly, I'm not a Dutch, I'm from Poland and going to arrive to the UK to look for a new job. I wrote 'a journey' but I'd like to spend at least a year there, maybe in Scotland. My English is...(pre)intermediate, I hope :), though I must improve it (speaking and listetning most but writing as well ;) That's why I'd asked you about Scottish online radiostations.

I have no doubt that you, Scots, are friendly and helpful people because I've heard that opinion from almost every Polish man who has been in Scotland.

<<<I promise to be back with links but it's 20:45 on a Saturday evening right now and I'm off out now for a wee bit of fun. Laters. >>>

Didn't I say you are busy man :))?
General_Ricardo   Sunday, November 14, 2004, 13:51 GMT
good question! why are you so busy these days Damian.
Damian   Sunday, November 14, 2004, 21:40 GMT
Hello Maek:

I don't suppose I am any busier than anyone else. I reckon we all have to go to work and also have a social life ;-) While at uni, and since I left in June, I currently work in a supermarket on a checkout until Spring/Summer next year 05 when I hope to start in journalism, for which I am currently doing a post grad course .... it's pretty tough going. All being well, I propose to stay and work for the Scottish media here in Edinburgh but if something really dramatically exciting comes up, say down in London, I may be tempted to stray. I don't really want to leave Scotland, and most certainly will not leave the UK, that's set in stone.

I do quite a bit of work on-line which is when I do a time out and pop into's quite a relaxant and I think doctors should prescribe it for all stressed out people! ;-)

Social life...I didn't get to bed until 06:00 this morning and had to be at work by 10:00. I literally had to be shaken awake by my mother. I'm not going out tonight so I am posting some links for you as I promised.

btw: What kind of work are you seeking here? Have you been to Scotland before? Yeah, you will find Scottish people friendly and helpful...why shoulkdn't they be? I have met a number of Polish students coming into the for the summer season, but all gone home now.

For a list of all Scottish BBC and independent radio stations go to:

Just click on any station that takes your fancy and you're awa' laddie!

Go to this one and download Real Player for free, if you don't have it already:

Scottish Internet radio:

(Do you understand our voices and accents?)


I've tried to find another site I know is there but I will persevere and post has audio MP3 of loads of Brit accents, including Scottish. In the meantime, have a bash at the above...hope they work ok.

Im posting another link in the next posting as it is not Scottish, but I found it interesting.

Cheers for now.
Damian   Sunday, November 14, 2004, 21:50 GMT
Audio Archive


"I teach Ferdinand the calm cat to fetch cold cups of coffee. Who knows more about tasting things? He's used the book."

The first track is British RP, the others from various parts of the USA. I can see how American accents do differ when you listen closely! Of them all, including the RP, I like the guy from NE Kansas the best. It's quite cool.

Oh another one for Maek! .....

I can use audio now as I have recently acquired new PC equipment. Tony Blair can wait a wee bit longer for repayments of his student loans....!
Maek   Tuesday, November 16, 2004, 20:04 GMT
Thanks for the links. I myself also found an interesting link: - quite a nice radio from Aberdeen.

I graduated from uni this year. Now (and before) I've been working as a scienist computer, but I think my job is more similar to a data entry clerk job (inputting data into a store's computer system, maintaining databases and the system in good condition, preparing reports for accounts). I work in a pretty large grocery store (a network of stores) - it's not so big as TESCO, but it's quite big:). I think I'd manage working in supermarket where you work ;)

So, if it possible, I'd like to find similar work in the UK (or even more challenging one). If it doesn't possible I can even work in a factory doing physical work...though when I come back to Poland and go for an interview to an account firm and they ask me 'what have you been doing for last three years?' I really don't want to answer 'Oh, you know, I was packing fish near Edinburgh...' :)

If you are curious of my town here is the link (pictures, because I'm afraid the whole site is in Polish :)
Damian   Tuesday, November 16, 2004, 23:13 GMT
Thanks for all that info, Maek. I will log into your Polish least I can look at the pretty pics. Any translating problems I shall know where to come. Seeing as I literally don't know one single word of Polish, that should be fun.

Yes, must go to the Granite City if you can. Don't confine yourself to Edinburgh. Loads of interesting little places off Union Street and elsewhere in the city centre, but don't forget to go along the seafront from the harbour. If time allows, explore Aberdeenshire itself...go to Balmoral and drop in and have tea with Liz if she is there. You will know if she is by the flag flyig! ;-)

I will now explore your city! I'm awa' noo....cheers!