Reading Activity

soni   Wednesday, December 01, 2004, 07:43 GMT
This question should be answered by any non native speaker who has reached an 'excellent' English level. How many hours in a day do you usually spend to read material in English? I only read English material when I come to the office, but I don't read English material when I get home (I think I am too tired after working).

Milanya   Wednesday, December 01, 2004, 21:40 GMT
I am a non-native speaker living in an English speaking country. I do not know if my level is excellent, but it is functional enough for living and working. Do I qualify for your survey?
I try to read at least 20 pages a day. If a book is good I read much more, but no more than 150-200 pages a day. I am not a very fast reader in English.
soni   Monday, December 06, 2004, 08:10 GMT
I just want to know a little bit information, not doing a survey. Survey is like a scientific action for me :-). Thanks for your information. Btw, how long have you lived there?

I am still confused with a person who is actually living in an English-speaking country, but still not confident with their English. Do you live there for study? Or something else?
Milanya   Tuesday, December 07, 2004, 18:28 GMT
I have lived in an English speaking country for almost 11 years.
I am confident enough with my English. I do not have problems communicating, reding, writing, working at a school and at a library, and taking college classes. I am cosidering going to grad-school next semester. I still do not know if my English is excellent, I have no idea what excellent is.
I read a lot, both in English and in my native language. The books that were written in English originally, I prefer reading in English; translations, I prefer reading in my native language, because I do not like English translations; they are too verbatim for my taste ( at least the ones I tried to read)

BTW survey is a collecting of data. This is what you are doing.