The Famine Song

.   Sun May 10, 2009 11:51 am GMT

The Famine Song

I often wonder where they would have been
If we hadn't have taken them in
Fed them and washed them
Thousands in Glasgow alone
From Ireland they came
Brought us nothing but trouble and shame
Well the famine is over
Why don't they go home?

Now Athenry Mike was a thief
And Large John he was fully briefed
And that wee traitor from Castlemilk
Turned his back on his own
They've all their Papists in Rome
They have U2 and Bono
Well the famine is over
Why don't they go home?


Now they raped and fondled their kids
That's what those perverts from the darkside did
And they swept it under the carpet
and Large John he hid
Their evils seeds have been sown
Cause they're not of our own
Well the famine is over
Why don't you go home?

Now Timmy don't take it from me
Cause if you know your history
You've persecuted thousands of people
In Ireland alone
You turned on the lights
Fuelled U boats by night
That's how you repay us
It's time to go home.
.   Sun May 10, 2009 12:09 pm GMT

The Sash My Father Wore

Sure l'm an Ulster Orangeman, from Erin's isle I came,
To see my British brethren all of honour and of fame,
And to tell them of my forefathers who fought in days of yore,
That I might have the right to wear, the sash my father wore!


It is old but it is beautiful, and its colors they are fine
It was worn at Derry, Aughrim, Enniskillen and the Boyne.
My father wore it as a youth in bygone days of yore
And on the Twelfth I love to wear the sash my father wore

For those brave men who crossed the Boyne have not fought or died in vain
Our Unity, Religion, Laws, and Freedom to maintain,
If the call should come we'll follow the drum, and cross that river once
That tomorrow's Ulsterman may wear the sash my father wore!

And when some day, across the sea to Antrim's shore you come,
We'll welcome you in royal style, to the sound of flute and drum
And Ulster's hills shall echo still, from Rathlin to Dromore
As we sing again the loyal strain of the sash my father wore!
.   Sun May 10, 2009 12:14 pm GMT

The 36th

Through cloud and mist that early morn,
1916 when they set off to the Somme,
Only the laughter and the cheers,
Who could notice all the doubts and tears of fear?
But brave men all they sailed away,
Though death lashed back from that battlefield,
Yet through their soul their not afraid
To fight with comrades of the 36th brigade.

What of the men who fought and died,
And followed Ulster?s flag from Theipval wood with pride,
And lift their heads and say with pride,
I fought with Ulster men on Flanders field that day.
Now written down in history,
Tells of the sacrifice they made for liberty,
And with their comrades they are laid
All the men of the 36th brigade.

Lay down their lives for their king and country,
The choice of freedom their reward for bravery,
And they were told that all Ulster men would be
Forever part of this land they fought to free
And all these promises were made
To the men of the 36th brigade.

And from the graveyard all the slain,
They once again reach out and played with Ulster men,
Don?t let these men have died in vain
This land is British and this right you should maintain.
So lift your glasses to the men who fought back then
And to the men who will defend this land again
And when all is said and done
Heres to Ulster and the 36th brigade.
Darth Vader   Sun May 10, 2009 2:22 pm GMT
Hey, joining the 'darkside' doesnt make you a pervert!