Word choice: indexes or indices?

Tara   Wed Oct 31, 2007 9:53 am GMT
I'm in the UK and I have always used indices as the plural for index. I didn't know indexes was acceptable. Roedene has let me down once again.

Damian darling when are you coming down to Tunbridge Wells?
Grammar Crab   Wed Oct 31, 2007 7:35 pm GMT
By most accounts, either one is acceptable, at least in the financial world. However, "indices" seems more popular, probably because it looks and sounds fancier. An MBA Project Manager where I work, who should know better, has used "indice" as a singular. I've heard the same from others, as well. Easily averted by using "index" to begin with.
Damian in Edinburgh   Wed Oct 31, 2007 11:58 pm GMT
Sorry, TARA - indexes does seem to be the most used form of plural in ordinary everyday situations as far as I can tell - certainly in the office where I work in journalism. Check out your local library in Tunbridge Wells as a matter of interest - I think you'll find it used there - ask one of the ladies on the main desk....not the one with a permanent scowl though - she's fearsome! :-)I think indices is used more in a scientific context, really.

Your Roedean (correct spelling btw!!) education looks as if it's led you down the path of exclusivity!

I missed you when I drove down to TW (all the way down from Edinburgh I'll have you know!) - I thought you'd stood me up, left me standing there like a right dickhead pacing up and down the Pantiles until I discovered later that I'd forgotten to put my watch back an hour over the weekend - I got there an hour early. Never mind - there's always another time - shall we leave it until the spring now? I hate the dark evenings (late afternoon up here very soon) and mornings. btw: do you happen to have a double barrelled surname? :-)