I wanna speak Irish accent

Leslie   Wed Feb 07, 2007 10:47 pm GMT
i want to know how to spell the accent lol :P like how dannyboy was saying for girl its gurl...well im getting a tattoo and am half irish and i want to know how to spell irish girls are troube with the accent?!? wierdo i kno please help

Bowie60   Mon May 07, 2007 9:11 pm GMT
"<<I can't ever imagine wanting to change my accent under any circumstance.....>>

Even if your life depended on it?"

I'm an American who lived in Panama for a time. I once found myself in an anti-american rally at University in Panama City, and never in my life was I more grateful for my ability to pull of a passable Australian accent...
shaoibhe   Sun May 13, 2007 11:42 am GMT
your english girl accept it! You were not born in Ireland nor do you live there so i doubt you can just learn or buy an irish accent!

Maybe move to dublin or cork and you could have a pretty good chance!
joy   Mon May 14, 2007 3:02 pm GMT
hi i wanna be a good tackling guy to the customers and speak good english
hi   Wed Jun 06, 2007 9:20 am GMT
Heather   Fri Jun 08, 2007 7:36 am GMT
Holy cow, so what if she wants to learn a different language and try something knew? You all are pretty much adults but some of you need to start ACTING like one. I've see more maturity than some of you in 10 year olds on caffeine pills. So CHILL and maybe TRY and answer her question (Adam)! Grow up sometime, or like me, the rest of the world will have absolutely no interest in what you have to say. Ive heard more interesting "noises" from my dog's back end.
Sand Man   Sun Jun 10, 2007 8:15 pm GMT
It depends on which Irish accent you want to work on...

I visit Ireland every summer and one thing that I have noticed is that there is some truth to the old saying that "every county has it's own voice (accent)".

There are really two things that create an accent. The first is when a person uses the sounds of one language for another language. This is called a "foreign accent," and it is the most common type of accent. Then there are accents that are created because of societal factors such as age, education, sex, location...you get the idea.

Northern Irish accents are heavily influenced by its English and Scottish culture and history. Some accents such as those found in counties Derry and Antrim are often confused with Scottish accents because some people do not hear the differences. A good example of this is the accent Mel Gibson uses in the movie Braveheart. It is very different from some of the other accents in the movie, this was done on purpose, because it is believed that William Wallace spent a fair amount of his life in Northern Ireland with his uncle. In fact, before making the movie, Mr. Gibson traveled to Northern Ireland and worked with a voice trainer for several months before shooting.

Southern Irish accents are mixed bag really...eastern Irish accents show evidence of Scandinavian influences brought on by their Viking history, while western accents do not. And then there's Cork...even they don't know why they speak the way they do :0) I have to give Cork a hard time...my wife is fluent Irish speaker from the gaeltacht. I don't know if it's the Irish in her, or the Cork in her that makes her sound so dang funny (I mean cute)!

If the accent you are looking for is the accent you heard coming from the Lucky Charms character (which seems to be the accent associated with Ireland these days) well...sadly, that accent doesn't actually exist. That was done for commercialism. But for those that are interested in how they came up with it...it is actually a very thick version of an accent that can be found in the south-eastern counties of Ireland.
American   Sun Jun 10, 2007 8:22 pm GMT
The Irish accent is nasty. Can someone find one person w/ a pretty Irish voice--man or women, educated or not? I can't.
Sand Man   Sun Jun 10, 2007 8:57 pm GMT

In truth, just about every accent out there is going to be liked or not liked by people. It depends on the person.

Maybe I am biased, but for all the trouble I give her, I find my wife's rather thick Cork accent to be very nice and "pretty."

There are several Irish I can think of off the top of my head that I think have a nice Irish accent... Rosanna Davidson, Sorcha Furlong, Gavin O'Fearraigh, and Gerard Byrne to name a few...and if you can hear them speak you will be getting a fair number of different accents.

Something that you have to be careful with is that if you call an accent nasty...you risk upsetting someone who doesn't think it is nasty. If you make that kind of comment, you will get a better result if you say why you think it is "nasty." For instance, if you think the Irish accent is "nasty" because you don't like the sound of it...that's OK. But say so...otherwise you open the door for arguement and that doesn't help anything.
American   Sun Jun 10, 2007 9:26 pm GMT
I'm not criticizing the entire Irish people, really I'm not. For the longest time I thought German was an ugly language, until I heard a program online, a nature program of some sort, and was mesmerized by the smooth, guttural intonation of the German narrator who happened to be a man. I was blown away, not even sure I was listening to German. I'm simply saying I haven't come across a pleasant sounding Irish accent, that's all.
Rebecca from the dear cit   Thu Jul 12, 2007 1:02 pm GMT
Oh now why would you go and change your darling British accent for an Irish accent? I've been speaking with an English accent for 78 years now, amd I never had a thought of changing my accent. So I do suggest that you talk with a British accent and be proud.
faith   Wed Jul 18, 2007 1:22 am GMT
top of the mornin' well hi i want to learn irish
Matthew   Mon Aug 06, 2007 7:36 pm GMT
Where can I find recordings of people talking in irish accents (not in irish language)?
christ..   Sat Oct 27, 2007 3:03 pm GMT
..what a bloody ridiculous argument.

just wander aounrd wearing a guiness tshirt and say top o the mornin to everyone you see.

failingthat, there are masses of websites with phrases and suggestions for ho to sound more irish. i love irish accents but only the irish pull it off.
Brian   Wed Nov 28, 2007 4:12 am GMT
hey now c'mon I saw an earlier comment about Americans being morons. Beleive me, I'm not denying there are some... well alot. But that goes with every country. I love all nationalities, and i try not to be judgemental. As far as the Irish accent. You gotta hear how they say certain words. As an American, it sounds very much like a British accent, just with certain words enunciated Differently. That's just my opinion though.