Easy but Messy II !

LVN   Sun Aug 06, 2006 1:07 pm GMT
4) What does the word "stuff" mean?
Example:_ For the net stuff...
_You memorize the whole lyrics and you know stuff...
My dictionary is not enought.
5) The defferent between "certificate" and "qualification".
6) The defferent between "hire", "rent" and "employ".
7)Look this sentence "when you take interest in something. Your mind is deeply engaged in that thing."
a) Is take+adj = tobe+adj? Please give more examples!
8) When we use "but" and when we use "however"
Thank you very much!
DJ   Mon Aug 07, 2006 2:51 am GMT
4) My understanding of the word, 'stuff' is that it's interchangeable with 'thing'. If you know how 'thing' is used, you can almost replace thing by 'stuff' and it should mean the exact thing. The only difference might be that 'thing' can be plural, but 'stuff' doesn't get pluralized(?).

5) Don't you mean 'certify'? or, do you mean certification? Certification is like a paper you get when you pass some kind of certifying test. Qualitification is a much broader term. ex) You are qualified if you have a certification.

6) 'Hire' is the momentary act of choosing someone for work. Employing someone mean that you've hired the person, and you have them as a worker or an emplyee. While 'hire' is more momentary, 'employ' is more continuous. Rent is when you let someone borrow something but you get paid for it.

7)Take interest = verb + noun. ex) when you play soccer, your mind is deeply engaged in it.

8) But is more to negate your previous statement. However, is more to change the subject rather than to negate. But(However) they almost mean the same thing. I can't think of any examples at the moment. :)
Johnathan Mark   Wed Aug 09, 2006 1:22 am GMT
4. Stuff is a collective noun with undefined meaning. Other collective nouns (nouns that never can follow the pronoun "a", i.e., water, styrofoam, alcohol, etc.) can be called stuff, but not things. When there are multiple objects that cannot be classified into a single word, they are often referred to as stuff.
Bill: I have so much stuff in my backpack.
Nancy: What all do you have?
Bill: Textbooks, running shoes, lunch, clothes, and a bottle of water.
"You know stuff"="You know a lot of random information that can't be easily classified"

7. Take + noun is not the same as to be + adjective. This is a unique expression as far as I know.

8. However is a more formal word that is not normally used in writing. There uses in writing differ slightly.

However, the population of New York City was to be surpassed by Tokyo

New York City was the largest city in the world for a time; however, its population was eventually surpassed by that of Tokyo.

New York City was the largest city in the world for a time, but its population was eventually surpassed by that of Tokyo.

So the cheif differences in usage in writing is that 'however,' can be used to start a sentence. "; however," and "but," are pretty much equivalent, IMHO.