Sick of ignorant Americans and even some Canadians!

Uriel   Thu Aug 24, 2006 9:49 am GMT
I don't know too many people more conservative than you, Stan. Narrow-minded and prudish are your middle names.
Stan   Thu Aug 24, 2006 6:07 pm GMT

I must call your attention to something I observed on the news; I do not know if the case (or controversy - whatever the "situation" may be) is still on, but I still think it is important and a reasonable cause for discussion. There was (or is) a cheeze store in an American city, the name of which was bound to escape my memory in any case, much thanks to the time period; anyways, the owner of this store put up a sign that read:

"Order in English"

This happened at a period when the immigration debate was (as still is) at its "peak." To some, it was a good sign to see at an American food store, to others it was an insults to those who English is still a language they struggle with (bluntly speaking; an insults to immigrant).

To me, the action of the owner of the cheeze store underscores what I would regard as "American arrogance," does that make me a "very conservative" person?

Ask me the issue and I will let you know on which side of the fence I stand. In moral values, you are right to call me a conservative.

<< I'm a conservative and I don't believe that it's "bad" that Spanish is spoken in the U.S.>>

Spanish spoken in America? not a problem!
Spanish a second official language in America? now, that is a problem!

<< Now am I still an "arrogant American?" >>

I believe "naive" is the word you're looking for, but NO I won't judge you on your statements above. I have questions I ask all Americans to find out if they are arrogant and naive, unfortunately, more than often, they all fail the test (i.e they turn out arrogant).