EU Funding for Native Speakers of English

Robin Michael Hurley   Wed Aug 30, 2006 3:19 am GMT
I am an unemployed person living in Aberdeen Scotland. I would be interested in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. At the moment, the influx of Polish and other migrants, is not something that benefits me. Businesses might be impressed by hard working immigrants. However local unemployed people see this increased competition in a less favourable light.
At present, if I wanted to visit Poland, I would not be able to claim 'unemployment benefit'. So, I suffer from various disadvantages, with no advantages. I would like the EU to provide some funding to encourage people from different countries to mix and meet. My only reservation, is that a lot of the Scottish people who live where I live are barely intelligible. Unfortunately, when Polish people take up manual jobs, and live on run down Council Estates, these are the people that they meet everyday.