“Heading South’’

Robin   Fri Sep 15, 2006 12:48 am GMT
Does this film appeal to anyone?

“Heading South,’’ about older single women visiting 1970’s Haiti in a female version of sex tourism.

“When women travel abroad, they shed a lot of inhibitions and behave in ways they don’t behave at home’’

Legba tells her that her slicked-back wet hair makes her look old and chickenlike. Ellen doesn’t care. She laughs.

the movie ultimately disavows its premise that women can enjoy sex without love.
Geoff_One   Fri Sep 15, 2006 1:03 pm GMT
From the perspective of many countries in the world, Haiti is North.
Robin   Fri Sep 15, 2006 3:28 pm GMT
Think of it as meaning 'Going South' as in 'Going to the dogs'.