Scottish Culture: Something worth preserving?

Guest   Fri Sep 22, 2006 6:05 am GMT
<<But then if you are an American, you will not believe in Global Warming.>>

What is this mishegas? Perhaps the current presidential administration denies such a thing exists, but that isn't reflective of how the general American populace feels.
Guest   Fri Sep 22, 2006 6:11 am GMT
<What is this mishegas? Perhaps the current presidential administration denies such a thing exists, but that isn't reflective of how the general American populace feels.>

Very true indeed. A great example is the State of California and it's Green Laws, something I have to admire them for taking a bold step against the President's pro-profit stance over the environment.
Damian in London E16   Fri Sep 22, 2006 8:18 am GMT
In a great rush to get this posted. You're obviously in one of the blocks of Holland House facing Arthur's seat...enjoy the views! I've been to several functions at John McIntyre...great do's! .. you get your nosh there....and they're pretty good! Or do you disagree on that one? confirmed my views of Napier....pretty well wonder we hear so little about Napier but there you go.

Actually I like going to Glasgow...great night life....ok great rivalry between E/bgh and Glesca but Eddie wins hands down for style and things aesthetic and all the events only a capital city can provide! :-)

I was referring mainly to the gloom and darkness of an average Einburgh must realise that days are very short come December, and the cold is accentuated more by dampness more than anything else, but when we get a sharp north easterly you sure feel it - like when you turn round certain corners! It is true that Edinburgh's winter climate HAS been affected by global warming. Reading back through literature on the topic you will see that it was much colder years ago and some winters saw snow lying deep and crisp and even for wees on end, sometimes from before Christmas right through to March. Doesnae happen any more.

But snow does hit with a vengeance from time to time. Extract from a link I looked up quickly:

March 2005:

***On the 1st, up to 30 vehicles were involved in an accident on the M8 between Glasgow and Edinburgh, as heavy snowstorms affected many parts of Scotland. The 30 vehicles accident occurred near the eastbound junction at Livingston at 06:45 GMT; however, no one was seriously injured. It was reported that snow fell up to 33cm in parts of Aberdeenshire, Angus, Dundee, Fife, Edinburgh and the Borders. Jack-knifed lorries in Fife led to stretches of the A914 near to Freuchie and the A92 at Cupar to close due to snow covered roads and severe drifting. The snow also caused more than 140 schools in Fife and 30 schools in Aberdeenshire to close or partially close, along with 20 schools and nurseries in Angus, and school closures occurred even in some suburban areas of Edinburgh city.

During the 2nd, heavy snow affected Kent, Surrey and East Sussex causing the closure of 400+ schools. The snow across Kent caused the M20 and the M2 to close and the Army was called in to help the NHS to move staff and patients. The snowfall also resulted in 200 homes to lose their electricity supply. This snowfall was reported as the heaviest snowfall to occur across Kent in the month of March in 10 years; with Wigmore, receiving a snow depth of 25cm, while Rochester received 29cm. Heavy snow also affected E Scotland forcing 280 schools to close. Three people were injured in a road accident due to the wintry conditions at Udny, Grampian. Heavy snow also occurred across N Englandwith 15cm of snow being reported at Carlton-in-Cleveland, North Yorkshire. The snow also forced many schools to close across North and West Yorkshire. A police car and four articulated lorries were trapped in the snow across the North Yorkshire Moors. Leeds Bradford Airport, West Yorkshire reported lengthy flight delays caused by the snow. Train and bus services were also disrupted due to the snow across West Yorkshire. The snow also resulted in power cuts across West Yorkshire***

PS: About the global warming thing.....if you DO get any nasty comments about this issue (being an American as you are) it's not you personally people will slag's your President, your Government and their policies, and global warming is still seen here by and large as "all America's fault". Unfair Iknow, but there you go....

Cheers...gotta fly.....l8rs
D in E16   Fri Sep 22, 2006 8:19 am GMT
stupit type...wees on end? try "weeks"
Adam   Fri Sep 22, 2006 5:55 pm GMT
"P.S. The taxi drivers here seem to have the strongest accents. Everyone else is perfectly understandable. Within the university, English students seem to outnumber Scots... "

It won't be like that for too much longer when you consider the fact that the English - thanks to Britain's Scottish government - must pay to go to Scottish universities whereas the Scots can go to English universities for free.
Some Penguin   Sun Sep 24, 2006 12:19 pm GMT
Hi Damian, Hola Robin!

Okie, first things first, I'm not American. So I guess I don't have to worry about "nasty comments" directed at the US =p. I'm from Taiwan, and I guess that's why I'm iffy about Pollock Halls food. It IS better than I expected though!

OF COURSE Edinburgh wins hands down. May I add that Edinburgh also win in all things academic and scholarly... excuse my bit of Edinburgh Uni pride here ;)

Well, I'll update you on what I think about the weather here once winter sets in. I wonder whether it'll be dark in winter by the time I leave my last practical for the day. practicals are held in the Anatomy building and that place is definitely HAUNTED! (I mean, when you have 14 cadavers in the room where you're working and 50+ real skeletons scattered throughout the building, how can it NOT be haunted?)