Does this Web Site help?

Robin   Fri Sep 22, 2006 8:07 pm GMT

I have not properly looked at this Web Site. But it looks good.

I would welcome any comments or feedback.

Hey, I have only posted the address.
torsten   Sun Sep 24, 2006 7:35 pm GMT
Hi Robin,

So why do you want others to do your job? You want to know if the BBC grammar section is good? The only one who can answer this question is you. You obviously think that doing grammar exercises will help your English or bring any benefit. Wasn't it you who took part in the discussion about whether or not a teacher can teach you English? Read the comments made by "Boy" again and you might find an answer to your question. Then again, this dicussion might not help you. Because it is quite possible that you belong to the vast majority of people who fail in taking responsibility for their own education.
Robin   Mon Sep 25, 2006 9:54 am GMT
Dear Torsten

What I was trying to do by posting this Topic, was to bring a resource to people's attention.

The discussion that you were refering to, was under a Topic Heading of "Does someone learning English need an English Teacher?"

My own personal feeling is that these are additional resources to a course of study. That most people benefit from the motivation that comes from working towards a Certificate with other people, and with someone to help them if they lose their way.

People who are 'self taught' often makes mistakes that they are unaware of. On the other hand, within a class, the individual students have to take some responsibility for their learning.

Sometimes, someone who is self taught will realise that their English is simply not good enough, and they will seek out additional help. Even if it is only; making more time available to study different aspects of English.

A simple thing like using a Spelling and Vocabulary checker when writing something in 'Word', will throw up questions about the authors competence in English ie "What is a passive voice, and is it always incorrect?"
torsten   Mon Sep 25, 2006 6:44 pm GMT
Hi Robin,

I understand your intentions. The underlying question behind all those discussions is probably How to learn a language? Maybe there is no quick and simple answer but I think it makes sense to start with a few definitions. For example, you would have to analyze and define your understanding of the term "learning". What does learning mean to you? You mention "self taught" people. Although I perfectly understand what you mean, I still think that is impossible to teach a language. You can only stimulate and guide a learning process. So, a person who attends an English class needs to confront themself with some such questions like "Who is in charge of my learning progress?" "What exactly do I want to learn and how I can learn it?" Once they have found the answers to these questions, they will start to move on their own initiative asking more specific questions such as "What is the difference between passive and active voice?" or "Could you please explain the meaning of the following sentence to me:"

Again, the vast majority does not think about what exactly they want to learn. They expect the teacher to know what THEY should do and how. That's why the vast majority is not successful in learning a second language.