United Statian

American   Tue Dec 26, 2006 12:35 am GMT
United Statian

Most NON-English speaking countries, specially in Latin America, refer to people from the USA as "Estadounidenses" "Etats-Uniens" (United Statian) which is the right way to call them, because anyone who's born in the continent of America, it's an American.

It's like if there was a Country in Europe, named United States of Europe, and they auto call themselves as "Europeans", anyone how lived in Europe would be an European, not just people from that country, in the same way, anyone who lives in America is an American not just people from the USA.

Todos somos Americanos, desde Canada hasta Argentina, y los Estadounidences no tienen derecho de tomar nuestro nombre.

Where are all Americans, from Canada to Argentina, and the United Statians have no right to take our name.

A United Statian is the person born in the United States of America. To say 'American' to reffer to a United Statian is incorrect because 'Americans' are all the people born in any of the countries of America, this is, the American Continent. A person born in Argentina, is Argentinian and of course, American. A person born in Mexico is Mexican, and, of course, American, as well as a United Statian, that because of being born in the United States, is also American.

The United Statian Anthem
The United Statian Flag
The United Statian English
Calliope   Tue Dec 26, 2006 12:57 am GMT
"The United Statian Anthem
The United Statian Flag
The United Statian English"

Actually, you should replace all your "United Statian"s with "United States". It's the United States Flag [etc]
the United Kingdom Flag [etc] (not the United Kingdomian flag or anything of the kind)
the New Zealand Flag [etc] (not the New Zealader-ian-etc flag)

United Statian sounds weird for another reason too; it's like you're saying someone is a statian, and he is united too.
'Mercan   Tue Dec 26, 2006 5:13 am GMT
What a load of bloody bollux. People from the United States are called "Americans" in English, people from the US and Canada are "North Americans", and people from South Americans are called "South Americans" or Latin Americans, which also includes Mexicans and Central Americans. This "United Statian" thing sounds rather silly, and will *not* catch on at all. Deal with it.
André Felipe   Tue Jun 26, 2007 7:49 am GMT
Mercan, I consider Latin American offensive because "Latin America" is a division meant to be used only in Economics.

I am from Brazil and we have not to do with other "Latin Americans". I mean there is no ethnic nor language link.
Franco   Tue Jun 26, 2007 7:54 am GMT
Aunque soy un 'hispanic fanatic' no estoy de acuerdo con el uso de 'united statian'. En inglés, la palabra America se refiere a los Estados Unidos. Desafortunadamente, no se puede cambiar lo que ya ha ocurrido. Sólo es un nombre, por eso me importa un bledo.
Guest   Tue Jun 26, 2007 7:55 am GMT
This shit again?

Silly Hispanics, the only true Americans live in the United States. Get over it!
Franco   Tue Jun 26, 2007 7:59 am GMT
Sí, es verdad lo que dice Guest. Los únicos Americanos verdaderos viven en EEUU. Eso es bueno, no? Estoy muy agradecido por que no soy un "Americano verdadero", yo prefiero no matar a niños inocentes.
Babel   Tue Jun 26, 2007 8:23 am GMT
Well, Hispanics are right. A person from Argentina is "American" (geographical point of view).

At the same time people from USA are Americans also (political point of view).

So, both are right. It depends of the point of view.
Guest   Tue Jun 26, 2007 11:30 am GMT
He/she is right: everybody is American on the continents, US has NO right to claim anything.
mjd   Tue Jun 26, 2007 11:46 am GMT
Ah, yes...this debate again.

Say what you will in Spanish (although it's generally journalists and "intellectuals" that are fond of 'estadounidense'...I have never heard anyone on the street use this term), but American does and will continue to refer to people from the United States. We all know this to be true.
non-american   Tue Jun 26, 2007 12:00 pm GMT
Cuándo os vais a bajar del burro, cabezotas.
Un continente entero para vosotros , ¿no será mucho?
Latin American everybody in America except USA and Canada
American everybody in USA.
Canada , estos no sabemos lo que son.
Creo que alguien tiene que volver a primaria.
Parisien   Tue Jun 26, 2007 12:40 pm GMT
- 'Estadounuitense' is very frequent in Spanish,
- Same for 'Statunitense' in Italian,
- The French Canadian press sometimes uses the weird adjective 'Etats-Unien' but this is virtually banned in France (French press writes 'Americain', except for some leftist Chavez-followers),
- The Germans have found a clever way to keep everyone happy, they say 'US-Amerikanisch'.
Adolfo   Tue Jun 26, 2007 1:38 pm GMT
"Say what you will in Spanish (although it's generally journalists and "intellectuals" that are fond of 'estadounidense'...I have never heard anyone on the street use this term)"

That is because you have never been in Spain , because the term "estadounidense" is a mainstream term used by everybody, not only by intelectuals. At least this happens so in Spain, perhaps in Mexico and Argentina they have interiorized they are less americans than "americans". In Spain we absolutely don't think that way and say "estadounidenses" to distinguish between americans from US and americans from another countries.
Guest   Tue Jun 26, 2007 2:30 pm GMT
Okay, let's go all over again:

Arrogant Worms

I am not American,
Though I live in North America
Which is part of the Americas
Which should make me an American
Geographically Canadians,
Are certainly Americans
As are Venisallians,
But not Hawaiians

They're out in the middle of the Ocean
Just like the U.S. Virgin Islands,
Who shoudn't say they are Americans,
Or even Virgins

How could two whole continents,
lose their name to one Constitute
Where were we when the U.S. went,
And took the word American away?
But to be fair to them,
Their other name options,
Like U.S.A.ers or United Statesians,
Were pretty bad

Still I want to be as American,
As the French are European,
Or those in Antarctica are Antarctican
Even if they're just penguins
That leaves us Canadians as Northern North American,

But Alaskas Norther curse them
We're surrounded by Americans
Americans, Americans!
I just called those U.S.A.ers Americans
A name meant for two continents not just them

For if I said I was American,
People would probably think I came from Maine
Still I think I have a plan,
Let's become Antarctican,
And join up with the penguins
For just like them, we're not American!
Guest   Tue Jun 26, 2007 3:04 pm GMT
English is a schizophrenic language.
My dictionary says:
A·mer·i·can (-mr-kn)
1. Of or relating to the United States of America or its people, language, or culture.
2. Of or relating to North or South America, the West Indies, or the Western Hemisphere.
3. Of or relating to any of the Native American peoples.
4. Indigenous to North or South America. Used of plants and animals.
1. A native or inhabitant of America.
2. A citizen of the United States.
3. American English

¿Qué coño es ser americano?

In spanish:
americano, na.
1. adj. Natural de América.
2. adj. Perteneciente o relativo a esta parte del mundo.
3. adj. indiano (‖ que vuelve rico de América).
4. adj. estadounidense.

1. adj. Natural de los Estados Unidos de América.
2. adj. Perteneciente o relativo a este país.