PB   Fri Jun 15, 2007 8:24 pm GMT

I have a question. Why is it that when I hear people speaking English in real life, I can recall words and expressions spoken by them with ease even after 2-3 years. My retention is better. In fact, I can visualize the situation as well in my mind but I don't remember and recall anything that I watch on TV the other day though I understand 90-95% what is being said by native speakers in the programmes. My retention is poor.

In both cases, I am listening to the native speakers of the language yet I experience different results. Why is it that? Have you experienced such a thing?

Kiki Lala   Sat Jun 16, 2007 10:54 am GMT
Perhaps it's because you are using more of your senses (see, hear, smell , touch etc) when you observe people speaking in REAL LIFE. And you're more interested and involved too. But on TV it's more like passive listening and watching. And people sometimes fall asleep to their favorite TV shows! Like I did last night on Law and Order TV series.

At least you're lucky dude, because you have native speakers around for you to hear real English conversations. I had to depend on secondary sources like TV and podcast which aren't as good.
Guest   Sat Jun 16, 2007 11:45 am GMT
Kika Lala. Your explanaton sounds plausible. I listen to native speakers with a lot of attention even I am watching TV. That's why I understand them 90-95% but I can not recall their words later on. Kind of strange.

Nope. I don't live in a native speaking country but I find ways for having a contact with native speakers in my country when they come to visit on particular trips.

I am trying to figure out if a different part of our brain is engaged when we are watching something on TV and when we are listening to people in real life. It is just that my retention is better when I listen to real people speaking in real life.

Involvement factor might be a factor in all of this as our brain is not fully immersed in something if it is not related to our personality.

no matter how hot news 9/11 is , if i can not relate it to my personality I might forget it later on though I understand it fully at the moment of time.

Thanks for your feedback.