Phonetic Translation

Roger   Mon Dec 03, 2007 6:02 pm GMT
I am trying to find the phonetic translation for the name of my summer camp. The name is

Stonybrook Day Camp

Can someone help me

thanks for your time

Travis   Mon Dec 03, 2007 7:16 pm GMT
Just for the hell of it, and to provide an example from another North American English dialect, I had to put how it would be pronounced here in Milwaukee (from its spelling), which'd narrowly be:

["s_jt_jo~:ni:bR_oU_"?k "d_0e "k_hE_^{~mp]

or more broadly and legibly:

["sto:ni:bRUk "de "k_hE{mp]

corresponding to the phonemes (conservative analysis):

/"stonibrUk "de "k{mp/

Besides some of the phonetic details such as palatalization of /st/ and some weirder dialect features such as the uvular /r/, the most notable differences here are that /o/ and /e/ are monophthongs, /{/ is diphthongized, and vowel length allophony is strong enough to be worth transcribing for an NAE dialect.