to improve English knowledge

learners   Sat Dec 08, 2007 2:28 pm GMT

in this forum I agree not to post "3. Homework help requests [...] [because I know,] Nobody is going to do [our] homework for [us]."

Also, we do not want to find penpals...

So is it possible to ask here for contributions about addresses for occassional discussions on English texts written by non-English mother tongue friends?

Ok, at least I tried it...
Jon   Sun Dec 09, 2007 5:20 am GMT
A multitude of things could be possible, and we will know more when we get your requests translated into English.

Just kidding, by the way, but you will have to try a little harder; I cannot really make out what it is your are asking for.


American Dream   Sun Dec 09, 2007 7:13 pm GMT
(from _learners_)

OK, this is the question:
the "American Dream" my first question is not clear (I just wanted to ask generally about learning help, to go there and get the reply to a "real" question..):

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The American Dream


What is the American Dream?

Historically, this dream was born at the time of the pionners; in the 17th century.The meaning of the phrase was hope of acquiring cheap land to start a new life.

For many Americans, the American Dream is a concept, which is characterized by several values and principles, which are written in the Declaration of Independence (1776). They can be defined as being a certain conception of life, distinguished by individualism, enthusiasm for work, equal opportunities for everyone, justice, universal freedom and pursuit of happiness.

Nowadays, particulary because of the Industrial Revolution, the American Dream has more materials goals. It generally refers to the idea that one's prosperity depends upon one's own abilities and hard work, not on a rigid class structure. For some, it is the opportunity to achieve more prosperity than they could in their countries of origin; for others, it is the opportunity for their children to grow up with an education and career opportunities; for still others, it is the chance to be an individual without the constraints imposed by class, caste, race, or ethnicity.

So, the American Dream is that dream of a land in which life should be better, richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement.


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thats all... is it right?
vikas   Fri Dec 14, 2007 7:21 am GMT

I want to learn english, can you help me for this.
Guest   Fri Dec 14, 2007 7:29 am GMT
Sure thing, vikas.

I want to learn English, can you help me WITH this.
Guest   Fri Dec 14, 2007 7:39 am GMT
For another five cents, you could put a question mark on the end like this: I want to learn English. Can you help me with this?

To be more polite, try this:

I would like to learn English. Could anyone help me with this?

Then state your problem area in English...

I don't understand the difference between____________and _________.


What advanced materials would you recommend for reading?


I roll my Rs and people make fun of me. How can I have a more natural-sounding accent in English?


I can't pronounce "breathing" and "bleeding" well. Please explain how to make the sounds in a simple way (easy for me to understand).