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Entries from October 21st, 2002

Samples from English SuperMemo collections

We have published a large sample from Krzysztof Cichy’s SuperMemo collection. We believe it is a good inspiration for people who want to learn English by making their own SuperMemo items.

Also, you can now view Michal’s demo collection in your browser.


Antimoon Starter Collection

Special offer: You can get the Antimoon Starter Collection for free if you buy SuperMemo 2002 or 2000. This new collection has 100 pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary items showing many different ways to learn English with SuperMemo.


Why you shouldn’t learn English by grammar rules

Our new article, “Why you shouldn’t learn English by grammar rules” explains why we think grammar rules are evil and why you don’t need them to learn English.


Perfect output skills without output practice?

For the first 30 years of his life, Richard Boydell couldn’t speak or write. He could just listen and read. At 30, he wrote the first English sentences in his life. And they were all written in perfect English! Boydell’s case shows that input may be enough to learn English well.


What is input and why you need it to learn English well

Input is the difference between you and a native speaker. Input can give you natural, fluent, correct English. Input should be your new religion. What is input and why you need it to learn English well — read all about it in our new update!


How to avoid making mistakes in English

We continue the “Learn English without mistakes” section with a new article: “How to avoid making mistakes in English“. Last week’s article explained why you should avoid mistakes. This article tells you how to do it. Yes, you too can learn English without mistakes!


Learn English without mistakes

We have added a new section of “How to learn English” titled “Learn English without mistakes“. It contains our new article which explains how you can damage your English by writing or speaking and why you should never make mistakes.


Antimoon user survey

We’re giving our report “Free Recordings for English Learners on the Web” to anyone who will take our survey.

Complete the survey now to tell us more about you and get access to the best ESL recordings on the Web!


Printable IPA chart

To help you learn English pronunciation, we have created a special printable phonetic alphabets chart. It shows all the symbols of the IPA and ASCII phonetic alphabets, fits nicely on one sheet of paper, and looks really good, too!


Shaggy Dog Stories MP3’s

A special gift to our readers from Antimoon and the English Teaching Forum magazine — 10 “Shaggy Dog Stories” and two other recordings in mp3 format.

These are short, funny stories in clear American English. When we were in high school, we would listen to them every day to learn American pronunciation. Now we’re sharing them with you.


Me and SuperMemo

Me and SuperMemo: Tom writes about his 9-year experience with SuperMemo, the software he used to learn English in high school. He talks about his motivation for using SuperMemo and his excellent results.


Sentence items in SuperMemo

Sentence items are perhaps the best way to learn English with SuperMemo. In our new article, we explain how to make sentence items, how to repeat them, and what are their advantages. We present many examples.


Antimoon Updates mailing list

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How to improve your English writing in 5 minutes

Did you know you can improve your English writing in 5 minutes by spelling words correctly and using correct punctuation?


Don’t worry about your active vocabulary

Are you worried because you understand many more English words than you use? Our article “Don’t worry about your active vocabulary” may convince you to stop worrying.