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Antimoon en español

I’m still trying to get over a message I received from Santiago Madrigal, a user from Colombia, who wrote in to share some news about the Antimoon Translation wiki, the part of Antimoon where users contribute their translations of selected Antimoon content. Santiago was disappointed to see that the Spanish section of the wiki had only four articles and a half, so he made himself a large cup of presumably Colombian coffee and translated 96½ more – a number that any reasonable person would consider a misprint. I can, however, confirm that the total for the Spanish wiki is now 101 – an absolutely unreasonable number which is five times the figure for the next biggest wiki language, Portuguese. In today’s Twitter-dominated world, merely reading a hundred articles could be considered an achievement worthy of a trophy and a commemorative plaque, but Santiago not only read them (hopefully), but also rendered them in Spanish. I’m usually the last to suggest violent solutions, but I’m beginning to think the rest of humanity should find a way to discreetly get rid of Santiago because he makes us all look lazy. I mean, who does he think he is?

Anyway, if you have Spanish-speaking amigos who keep asking you “¿Cómo aprender inglés?“, do them a favor and point them to the Spanish wiki.


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  • mr.james

    Would you update your website in distant future? It has been stale now for ages and do you think there is nothing to add when it comes to learning a new language?

    Santiago deserves loads of kudos for his brilliant work! Congrats to him!

  • Alex

    I’m from Colombia. I want to know about Santiago. I would ask him about learning english by antimoon method.

    Thank you

    I love your site.

  • Mia

    I am from Spain, and I love this side. I tryied to learn english with other methods, but It was really dificult fot me. Whit your help I am doing big progress.

    Thank a lot

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