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Entries from December 26th, 2003

New search engine, dropped Netscape 4 support

Find answers to your questions with our terrific new search engine (SWISH-E) which lets you search all of Antimoon, including every single forum discussion since February 2002. That’s 2,372 pages of language-related information!

In other news, the Netscape 4.x browser is no longer supported. In exchange, the source code is much cleaner, the site works even faster than before, and looks perfect in Internet Explorer, Mozilla-based browsers, and Opera.


Why do people sign up for English classes?

Why are we all here? What is the meaning of life? Why do people sign up for English classes? Tom has been thinking about these three important philosophical questions, and came up with an answer to one of them.


Example sentences: More important than definitions

If you haven’t been interested in the example sentences in your dictionary, you should read our brand-new article which shows why example sentences are more important than definitions and how they can give your English a huge boost.


Review of the EPD CD-ROM

Review of the Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary CD-ROM. The software offers quick access to a great number of transcriptions and recorded (British) pronunciations, exercises for learners of British pronunciation, and the ability to search for words containing a given sound.


Phonemic and phonetic transcription

Check out our new article on phonemic transcription and a new version of our introduction to phonetic transcription to learn about different types of phonetic transcription — where they are used and how they work.


Review of the English Pronouncing Dictionary

In our new article, we review the latest edition of the legendary English Pronouncing Dictionary, a specialized dictionary with 215,000 pronunciations of English words, including proper names and inflected forms.


Recordings of Tom’s and Michal’s English pronunciation

You can now listen to recordings of Tom’s and Michal’s English pronunciation in Tom’s and Michal’s stories in the “Successful English learners” section.


Three biggest challenges facing an English learner

Three biggest challenges facing an English learner: What is most difficult about learning English as a foreign language? Read our latest article to find out!


The best of the Antimoon Forum in 2002

The best of Antimoon Forum in 2002 is online. This is the archive of the best discussions that occurred in the forum in the past year. It includes tips on how to learn English, answers to questions, and a few interesting discussions about accents.