Harry Potter books to improve English

Nora   Thursday, July 10, 2003, 13:37 GMT
oh i don't want to tease you, sorry. Of course i like harry. But I'm angry because of the end of story he will die (or that is only suggestion by the newspapers).
Ryan   Friday, July 11, 2003, 01:16 GMT
Well, Rowling does seem to have a penchant for killing characters off. I wouldn't be surprised if Harry dies and gets resurrected somehow. Then she could make him into some sort of literary Christ figure like every "great" author *chuckle*

That's one of the things I enjoy about her writing is that she doesn't candy coat stuff. I see no reason why an adult wouldn't enjoy her books. It makes me nostalgic for childhood and my school days. She has a lot of imagination and I respect that in people even if they aren't the most pleasant people in the world which I've heard about her.

HiyaKiani (JK's defender)   Friday, July 11, 2003, 09:32 GMT
The following content is not for young children under 72. Viewer discretion advised. The author of this is not a hypocrite. Only challenged a bit...
"Soy norteamericana pero no soy de 'origin' latino. Spanish is so 'genial!' And I'm so lame. Yeah.(J/K)"
Well, well, well. I haven't been to the antimoon forum in a while. I'm a 16 year old girl with alot to say. Well, Nora I have some complaints. Well an essay rather.
The Harry Potter series is one of the most enteresting books I have ever read. You could never get me to read before those books came out. People of every age (as stated before) would love these books. The people who don't have no idea what there missing or they are a sore loser. One of the other.
JK Rolling did not intend on being famous, she just loved to write. Many people don't know that she only wrote the books for herself.
I think that a writer can write about who and what she wants to. I don't think the Harry Potter books would have been as interesting if Harry Potter was a girl. I don't think the books would have been interesting if the author was a man. It makes the books better and a male author would not be able to write that way like JK.
Besides, I think throughout history, women were limited to only being mothers for too long. So she wrote about a boy. Woopie. More power to her.
Anyway, JK, as I said earlier, loves to write. Did you know she could stop writing right now? She said that she has enough money that she wouldn't need to work again. But she's doing it for the love of writing and for the joy it gives her. She said Harry Potter is like a son to her, someone she created, and that she is Harry Potter's biggest fan. She's 'known' him the longest and most that anyone else. (She actually called him her baby or her boy) She wouldn't dare exploit him. She made sure that Harry Potter toys didn't come out of Happy meal bags at McDonald's or Big Kids' Meals at Burger King. Harry sort of represents her or her dreams and many aspects of the books reflect her or her life. So wouldn't want something she created exploited now would she?
Another sign that she didn't want Harry to be exploited and that she wanted more than money was that she rejected Steven Speilburgs ideas for the first HP movie. (Many of you probably know about that) A very great director (According to me and many others) who would have done so many wonders and did so much for the first movie that he would have went too far into his fantasies and stuck aliens in the film and set it in the year 4000 A.D. She wanted it like her book and to bring her characters to life not to sci-fi-lala land.
I swear, My essay are never this long and good. I should get an 100% on this.
The books, as said many time, helps increase the one's vocab in the english language. Many books do. But, I have not read another book that will get me to read it 50 times. It's helps me alot, too, because I now know what "snog" means in British slang (Very helpful indeed) Plus, it entertains me. (***Nothing on T.V? No chores? Nothing to do? Vaila! Whip out a HP book. Read! ***)
By the way, I'm a Harry Potter fan, so naturally, I had to add my two cents... More like my twenty bucks...
Nora, listen to everything you hear on T.V. Media tends to twist things. ALOT. What they say about J.K are mainly twisted or just plain lies.(Are you older than me? Because it's funny how I'm 16 giving advice to someone older than me!) JK. said from an interview that Harry stays alive in all the Harry Potter books... ok... common sense here... Anyway, she will have an aftermath of all the Hogwarts survivors in the last book for a sense of closure. She wouldn't dare kill Harry. (And they will truly be 17 and they will experience sexual feelings and experience BF/GF relationships. Oh yeah.)
***Sorry! Is this a PG/G room? I'll tune it down a notch. My bad.***
Actually, I'm tired. Nite peoples. (or good day whenever you read this.)
PS. I'm not proofreading this. Please don't take it personally.
*HiyaKiani*   Friday, July 11, 2003, 09:35 GMT
I wrote so much that I lost my mind.
*Maybe it's over here... I'll check...
... Lo and behold!*
Nora to HiyaKiani   Friday, July 11, 2003, 11:42 GMT
Hey, don't take it that personaly. IMHO - I just wrote about my opinion that some images are very scematics. That's the true. Good guys, bad guys. Good never wrong, bad are always bad. They haven't got a chance to be good. This is scematic. Don't you agree. Apart from that I saw the name of some our (Bulgarian ) national herous which were.... quidich players.
(the question about money is not importand for me). I have cyrcle playing card with Harry Poter. My daughter adore Harry. She has a huge portrait of Daniel Radcliff on wall of her room. We have both films of Harry Potter (Philosophic Stone or sorcered stone) and The secret room. And whole book collection. . . I just wrote about my doubts .. Can you agree with that..
Nora   Friday, July 11, 2003, 11:44 GMT
I'm sorry 'baout my english..
HiyaKiani (to Nora)   Saturday, July 12, 2003, 02:10 GMT
Merry Meet

I agree with you. I'm just a HP fan. I should apologize to you just incase It seemed like I was mad at you. I'm not. I'm just a nitpicker and I tend to do this. If you've seen me I while back in the other discussions I have giant report like entries in there and I ramble on and on just to get a point straight.

I have all 5 HP books and the two movies (HP and the Sorcerer's Stone, and HP and and the Chamber of Secrets.) I have posters I have merchandise. Yeah. I'm a fan. I go all out on these topics. Next time you see my entries, ignore me. It will be for the best. :)

Again, my bad. MP & Brightest Blessings
Kiani :)

PS. I didn't write an essay this time, yay! Whoopiddee-doo!
Rugger   Saturday, July 12, 2003, 09:31 GMT
I can confirm that here in Melbourne, Australia, some catholic colleges are banning the Harry Potter books due to the contents revolving around witchcraft. Here's an extract from the article "Tassie ban on Harry Potter
By Damian McIntyre" from the Herald Sun newspaper:

HARRY Potter books have been banned from the libraries of five Tasmanian Christian schools.

"We don't want to expose our students to witchcraft," executive director of Christian Schools Tasmania Neil Rowcroft said yesterday.
"We promote books in keeping with the Christian faith."

Calvin Primary and Secondary Christian Schools, Channel Christian School, Emmanuel Christian School and Northern Suburbs Christian School come under the umbrella of Christian Schools Tasmania.

The five books have also been banned by Melbourne's Maranatha Christian College, where they were branded "evil".

"As Christians, witchcraft and the occult are considered evil, and it has been widely publicised that many children have tried to cast spells as a result of reading the books, and that is not a view we want held," he said.
Heaven   Sunday, July 13, 2003, 18:52 GMT
It's amazing !
Anomi   Sunday, July 13, 2003, 22:59 GMT
This is a comment on your entry, Rugger, and not neccessarily TO you:
Some people are blind, deaf, but surely they aren't dumb (they talk to much) I say this for good reason.
I'm not of any Christian or Book religion. I'm a former Christian really. I believe that all religions that promote growth in the spiritual beings and the good in people and that teaches to do good and so on are good. I read up on Paganism, Occult and Witchcraft and they teach that. It is only evil to the Christians because it isn't thier belief and they are completely misunderstood. If Hinduism and Buddhism are qualify as religions, so does Wicca and Witchcraft. It is the lack of knowlegde that people have on these religions and the constant brainwashing in churches and society that they belive these are evil religions. It's called prejudice. They don't know the religion yet they jugde it as devil worship and evil. Witches don't believe in satan therefore it is impossible for them to devil worship. They have morals like the Book religions. They have normal lives and normal jobs and as much success as the next person.
~Some people are blind because they don't see what Paganism is really about.
~Some people are deaf because they don't listen to the TRUTH in Paganism and they go by what most of society thinks is right.
~They aren't dumb because they go around telling everybody that Paganism is evil and spreading hatred about it and trying to demolish it.
I jugde after full experience or common sense. Not what others go by.
So if all people are equal then Christians have the wrong idea about that rule. Wiccans are people and if they are considered evil, then all people are evil.
*Did you know that Christianity is a cult by definition? It tries to attract members or devotees for their belief that they need to saved.
*Did you know that if the Bible was absoluely true, just about everyone would be doomed to burn eternally?
Now think about what I just wrote. Ok, now think about the innocent Harry Potter books. Are they that serious?
Nobody be offended, please. These are just my views and info. No religion is better than the other and nobody is in the right position to jugde what they don't understand. I think the world should know this.
Like I said Rugger, this is only a comment on your entry and not an attack on you.
HiyaKiani to Anomi   Sunday, July 13, 2003, 23:19 GMT
<clap, clap, clap! (Standing Ovation.) Clap, clap, clap!>

First of all, I feel as if this a challenge. You writing an essay? I write the big entries here! (J/K)

Second of all, your name is my best friend's name backwards. Imona she lives next door, across the street to me. Yet she wouldn't write so much. Or would she? I bet you are Imona. Are you Imona? I told her about this site...

Third of all, I think you did a great explanation. Wonderful view. Love it.
Harry Potter shouldn't be caught up in all of this mess, really.

I won't ask what religion you are, because it's personal I bet. But if you are Imona then I know because she is the same religion as me. (Not tellin' for her sake.)

I swear this isn't a coincidence... I don't believe in those...

Hey... wait a minute. Imona would have at least said hi to me in her entry... She would have put the greetings and ending as me...


I'm trying to write a big entry to challenge yours, Anomi.
But I can't.

Reply quickly!

Anomi (Imona)   Monday, July 14, 2003, 04:23 GMT
Merry Meet
Whuddup Kiani. I bet you called me, and knocked on my door at home to see if I was here. You get excited too easily. Cool it.

Yes, I'm Imona. How's everthing in Cali? I'm in Virginia now. (yay for my Southern heritage!) I'll Email you directly.

Hi, people! How y'all doin'? Isn't Kiani wierd? This is my second time here on this site. Kiani, I knew you'd had to be in anything that said "Harry Potter." I found an entry interesting as you can see above.

Ok. Bye. I'm not going to essay challenge you.

Merry Merry Part & Blessed Be, with love,
Rugger   Monday, July 14, 2003, 05:54 GMT
I agree on your comments Anomi and think that the idea that the Harry Potter books are "evil" is pure nonsense. Thankfully the boarding school I used to attend and to which my sisters currently attend is not a religious college and although strict in areas such as uniform and personal presentation (eg. no jewelry, nail polish, always wear blazer outside school grounds), it does not censor the reading material of the students and more specifically doesn't look unfavorably on the J.K Rowling books but rather encourages students to read them. In fact, I've been told by my sister that our headmistress herself has read the books and refers to them at assembly. I think children today need more fantasy books to read that stimulate their imagination and to divert them from the intense, busy, violent, materialistic society of today. I remember reading C.S Lewis' Narnia series when I was in year 7 at school and watching the Narnia telly series much the same way my sisters are reading Harry Potter and watching the Harry Potter movies. I enjoy reading the Harry Potter books because there are elements in Hogwarts that are similar to my own schooling such as the House system and some of the teachers’ characteristics, but more so, because of the adventures these children have while attending Hogwarts. I believe it makes school seem more desirable and makes academic, intelligent children seem cool rather than isolated to the role of book worm/teacher's pet.

And if catholic schools want to ban something because it contains harmless witchcraft/wizardry, well then they would have to prevent the children from watching TV shows such as Bewitched, Buffy, Charmed, The Worst Witch, or reading anything on King Arthur because Merlin's wizardry might be offensive, or reading Roald Dahl's Matilda, or fairy tales, and numerous other books. What a child reads for leisure is up to them and the approval of their parents, not the school.
Anomi   Tuesday, July 15, 2003, 05:03 GMT
I bow to you, Rugger. <Applause>
HiyaKiani   Tuesday, July 15, 2003, 06:00 GMT

Mo, are you still in Virginia? Buy me souvineers, thanx. And call again tomorrow after 3:00P. Ok?

Rugger you are officially cool. Do you live in England? If not what country? I never had that schooling thing like Hogwarts's House system. I just have the reg. elementary, junior & senior high.

My brothers' junior high has these Academies that I never heard of before. Seventh grade has a bunch of them that the students are put into. (just like the House system) Merlin Academy (My bro is in that one), Falconer Academy and a few more. Eighth grade has two or three, Kestral Academy (my other bro is in that one), I don't know the others. They have unorganized competitions and stuff but there's really no point to them.

I've only met one person in my life who's living at a boarding school, but her parents both live there too as teachers. (Know who I'm talkin about, Mo? I quote: "Homies in the hoooouse! Homies in the criiiiib!" LOL)

I think that after I read Harry Potter, when I was like 14 ( almost three years ago,) I've gotten more into books than I used to be. I read the first four books in less than a month. I would have read them when I was twelve, but I only read the first chapter and got bored with the book and I winded up losing it. I should have kept reading it, then I would have had a clue why my friend was sticking her nose so deeply into her books. I made fun of my friend's "dictionary" which was really Harry Potter. (Yes, Mona, I'm sorry.)

Well, so much about me.
MP & BB,