Don't be shy just have a try!

kajol   Monday, July 28, 2003, 19:27 GMT
Hi everybody,I have few question, would you like to help me?
I am in USA right now I can't speak english fluently and nobady is there to talk to me in english, even my husband doesn't want to talk to me in english
I dont know why ? And he doesnt allow me to go anywhere without him.
My husband is very upset with me, he feel very embarrass when I dont communicate with his friend. Sometimes he get angry and he says " when you are giving your all efforts then,why cant you communicate with people.

But I want to do job now and I gave few interviews but you know without english we cant get a job. When my husband's friend come to meet me I cannot communicate with them and I feel so nervous.
I think that I can speak but I can't speak for 5 to 10 min continuesly.
Even I am reading newspapers regularly,I watch TV (english movies)
I am giving my all efforts but still I can't speak.
Please tell me, how can I improve my english?
What I do?

Thanks in advance
manar   Monday, July 28, 2003, 21:12 GMT
in fact ,i,mnot shy at all in english or arabic, i just want to be good in english but my friends all time shy , ihope that all people have the same quantities.i think the shy badthing it makes us go back
Mariam   Sunday, August 03, 2003, 01:25 GMT
I totally agree manar .. being shy doesnt help at all .. espacially when it comes to improving yourself .. its abad habit ,, well not that its bad .. but you know , in this matter it is .. what I'm trying to say is that I love to communicat with peaole from all over the world , make friends and all but I'm shy , I feel like everybody is waiting for me to make mistakes , to screw up .. altough I do ralise its absulotly not true but .. its really isnt easy at all to just stop being shy .. if yu know what I mean !!
for example : I do speak fluent english and arabic (my native tongue) , I even write A grade compositions and essays when I'm between my friends and when I'm not nervious .. but once I acctually have to do it in public like when making an oral presentaions infront of the whole class or ordering food in any restaurant .. I get really stressed out that I just cant go any further .. or I'd go on ( rarely ) and start stammering and I get embarressed either ways .. so as you see it is a serious problem ..
but anyway I'll try ((not to be shy and to always keep trying )) so help me god !!
Mariam   Sunday, August 03, 2003, 01:33 GMT
communicat = communicate
peaople = people
altough = although
ralise = realise
absulotly = absolutely
well .. those spelling mistakes has nothing to do with me being shy ,, its just that I'm really tired ..