Don't be shy just have a try!

may   Tuesday, July 15, 2003, 10:02 GMT
I think that if you can open your mouth to say something that's good enough.Because if you never say then you never have chance to practice your oral English! Don't be shy just have a try!
Only you open your mouth then you can communicate with others.Even if your oral English is poor,that's not a problem.
Tremmert   Tuesday, July 15, 2003, 18:51 GMT
One webpage I saw suggested talking to yourself as a way to practice languages.
mojahed   Tuesday, July 15, 2003, 21:50 GMT
I think that it is more important that you said.
I think it refer to your parents and your family and specially your society.
There are many ways to decrease your shy.
First off all you must improve your confidence then must have enough knowledge about subject and it is better that several times repeat it on yourself .

I think that are enough .

Sincerely yous

ali mojahedifar
shana   Tuesday, July 15, 2003, 21:55 GMT
Talking to yourself is not a bad method at all. It's a good way to brush up your English if you don't get a chance to talk to English speakers.
I do talk to myself when I have an interview or a presentation. I record my voice and I listen to it and if I'm not happy with my pronunciation, I record it again and again and each time I improve it.
may   Wednesday, July 16, 2003, 07:11 GMT
Yes, talk to yourself it's really a good way to improve your English.Sometimes I like face the mirror to speak English, it's not bad .You can see you own expression and if you unsatisfactory you can easily change it.
I think English for everybody is very important.So to speak a very fluent English becomes more and more populor.If your pronunciation is good you can open your mouth bravely.Even your vocabulary is poor, that's not a problem. Oppositely if you have a very large vocabulary but your pronunciation is poor nobody like to talk to you,right?
Ryan   Wednesday, July 16, 2003, 17:19 GMT
People will talk to you in English even if your English is poor as long as you are good looking.

Miguel   Friday, July 18, 2003, 16:51 GMT
what do you mean by saying that Ryan?
Ryan   Friday, July 18, 2003, 17:05 GMT
What I mean is that people who speak English like good-looking foreigners.

Miguel   Monday, July 21, 2003, 17:34 GMT
pleople will talk to you in english even if your english is poor as long as you are good looking.
that's ridiculous,
Julian   Monday, July 21, 2003, 22:12 GMT
I think Ryan has a valid point. Because there is such a huge population of non-English speaking immigrants in America (particularly in our urban centers), there is a tendency for resentful English-speaking Americans to be rather impatient and dismissive towards non-English speakers. So, if you are an unattractive foreigner speaking broken English, native speakers would be less inclined to listen to you. But if you look like Monica Bellucci or that Eduardo guy in “Chasing Papi,” you could be speaking gibberish and a native speaker would make every attempt to understand you.

It may sound ridiculous, but such is life.
Ryan   Tuesday, July 22, 2003, 00:41 GMT
Everyone likes good-looking foreigners. Even women would probably make an effort to talk to some hot-looking Italian guy who was having trouble with his English.

remmy   Saturday, July 26, 2003, 03:26 GMT
I agree with Ryan.I am learning English now in Canada.I am sometimes shy so i can't speak English,but i have a boyfriend who is a Canadian.It is really difficult to have a conversation and it takes a long time to understand each other but he likes spent his time with me and he gives me a hand about English.
Boy   Saturday, July 26, 2003, 13:39 GMT

What you're trying to say is... you're a beautiful girl. :) I'm not a handsome lad. I don't have enough Dead presidents as for paying fees to a surgeon in order to re-model my physical structure. I thought for a second.. people love inner beauty of one's personality not physical one. Now, I understand how important physical beauty for being a successful person. Remmey, may be it was your inner beauty that your boy-friend was helping you for brushing up the language. Ryan's valid point also shows that people are not equal. Every person will be treated differently. For me, it's a sad news because I look ugly-butt. So nobody will sit next to me and help me out for my English.


<<<Everyone likes good-looking foreigners. >>>

This case must have been true in your country. I'll treate everybody with the same level. No discrimination. I like every person on this planet because they don't have to design their faces. This is God who designs physical structure of human beings. It is not for me to reject the desgined structures by Him.
Ryan   Sunday, July 27, 2003, 02:12 GMT
Well, I'd still spend time teaching you, Boy, even though you are male and I like females. I'd probably just spend more time teaching a pretty female, though, considering I'm a single guy. Heh heh. Still, people who speak English won't be mean to you just because you don't think you are good looking. I'm just saying that everyone has a sex drive is all and that most everyone is attracted to the exotic, meaning that people usually have an interest in attractive foreign things, including foreign people.

Also, a lot of people are attracted to foreigners even if people in their own country think they are ugly, just because they are something different than what they are used to seeing or talking to.

Miguel   Monday, July 28, 2003, 17:01 GMT
such is your life, fortunately everybody is not like you