German question

Clark   Friday, July 25, 2003, 06:34 GMT
After a little aount of research:

Hutterites (Canada - they speak Low German influenced by Russian)
Old Order Amish (Various states in America - speak PA German)
Old Order Mennonites (same as Old Order Amish)

New Order Amish
Various other "split-off" groups from the Amish who are more liberal.

Sectarians conform to the "old ways" by not using technology, etc. They are the conservative bunch.

The Non-sectarians are the more liberal bunch who do not have as strict rules as the Sectarians. For example; they can drive cars, have computers, talk on phones, etc.

The language of the Sectarians is closer to European German, and the speech of the Non-sectarians has been Anglicised moreso than the Sectarians (I am talking about German here--not English).