Clark   Friday, October 03, 2003, 19:09 GMT
Yeah, the dialects in Switzerland can be pretty hard for people who only know Hochdeutsch. I think I might do all right in Switzerland, but the PA German that I speak is not a Swiss version, but a Palatine verion. I could do better talking with the old men in the Pfalz (Paelzland).

I would love to visit South Africa one day! It is on my list of places to go. First though, is Canada; Québec and Montréal, and then also Digby, Nova Scotia. As for other countries: South Africa, Scotland, Iceland, Faeroe Islands, Denmark, Norway and Sweden are in the top 10.
Jamie On   Friday, October 03, 2003, 21:40 GMT
I think Swiss German is great! I got two little books about it and now I can understand it with hardly any problem.
Diwas   Thursday, October 09, 2003, 18:27 GMT
Not everybody are ashamed to be called coloured. I prefer being called a coloured rather then a san.
Lou   Friday, October 10, 2003, 18:27 GMT
Hi Diwas,
Nobody should ever have to be ashamed to be called Coloured, and I'm glad that you see it this way. First and foremost, before anyone is anything else, he/she is a person, with the basic right to be happy, respected, accepted, and to be everything he/she can be. Go well!