The word toilet?

mjd   Wednesday, October 08, 2003, 22:03 GMT
The term I use most often is definitely "bathroom." "Shitter" or "pisser" (depending on which deed has to be done) are good ones for, as Jay said, comic effect.
...   Thursday, October 09, 2003, 14:52 GMT
?   Thursday, October 09, 2003, 15:36 GMT
bathroom tissue is a euphemism for toilet paper.
mjd   Thursday, October 09, 2003, 15:37 GMT
If that's a question ?, the answer is yes it is and a very stupid one at that.
British Maria   Thursday, October 09, 2003, 18:31 GMT
A fewwords have cropped up in Britain to describe a toilet, but bathroom and restroom aren't them. You have the loo, the bog and the karzi...I think loo, bog are a bit more interesting...but toilet is used just as much and isn't seen as impolite at all...don't think anyone at work would ask where you were going here if u wanted to go to the's a free country lol!
A.S.C.M.   Friday, October 10, 2003, 00:17 GMT
Of course, British students, like their American counterparts, still have to gain permission from their teachers to relieve themselves.

I have always said to my teachers: "May I go to the toilet?"
I said it in Britain and when the need arises, I would still say it in California. I have never been met with bizarre looks.

This morning, I heard a Californian classmate say "I need to go take a dump".
British Maria   Friday, October 10, 2003, 17:12 GMT
Ahh Schools are tight...well mine is lol A.S.C.M...we're discouraged from going during lessons and expected to go in our free time during break and lunch!
A.S.C.M.   Saturday, October 11, 2003, 18:51 GMT
Hello, British Maria:

I need to refresh my memory. Are you the girl who passed the GCSE a few months ago and is currently in the sixth form?

Regulations for going to the toilet during standardised state exam sittings in California are quite amusing. There is a certain law mandating that an inviligator (there are usually three in each classroom) must escort a pupil to the toilet if he/she feels the urge during exam sittings. This law does not apply to national college-entrance exams such as the SAT and AP exams.
Mop   Saturday, October 11, 2003, 19:23 GMT
it's restroom not toilet, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
British Maria   Sunday, October 12, 2003, 19:29 GMT
Hello A.S.C.M!

Yeah I'm the girl in the Sixth Form! We have to wear a red tie!
It's quite tempting to make a toilet trip during an exam because the invigilator cannot follow you into the you could hide a few notes in the cubicle and read through them to 'refresh' your memory! I'm not sure what would happen here though...If you really had to go they'd escort you...or tell you to sit it out! lol
Jim   Tuesday, October 14, 2003, 04:11 GMT
If your boss were to fire you when you suddenly say "Excuse me." then it's probably not a job worth having anyway.

If you told a friend ''Excuse me.'' and they were like "Where are you going? You're leaving. Well, I guess I'll go home then." then they're probably not a friend worth having anyway.

Are people that stupid in America? I doubt it but if so it's simple to clarify things by saying "I'm going to the toilet."

If you asked "Where's the toilet?" and they replied "In the restroom, of course. Why did you ask?" I'm sure that, even in America, you'd be entitled to give them a dirty look as if to say "Stop being such a smart-arse and answer the bloody question."

Similarly, if the toilet doors were suddenly locked, I said "Hey, I need to be able to get into the toilet." and the reply was "Ewwww, gross! Why do you want to go in that dirty toilet?" then they'd be asking for the same dirty look.
A.S.C.M.   Tuesday, October 14, 2003, 06:55 GMT
Hello, British Maria,

I remember wearing a tie when I was at primary school in the UK. Indeed, I do appreciate school uniforms and I am quite dissapointed at my current American classmates' sloppy or indecent dress. I content myself with wearing dress shirt, jumper, and trousers to school.

The problem with leaving notes in the toilet cubicle is that someone might notice the notes and take them away or throw them into the bin before you go to the loo during the exam. Moreover, the invigilators might do a spot check of the toilet before the exam. A far more secure method would be to hide the notes in your clothes and take them out inside the cubicle.

I hope we are not giving cheaters too many hints.
Excreroom   Tuesday, October 14, 2003, 17:16 GMT
So you don't wash in a washroom, or rest in a restroom, what would happen if they called it the Excreroom? excre- for excrement, urine and feces. And also you say, you should only say bathroom if you're going to take a bath, well what if you were going in there to take a shower, could you say bathroom then? I think it would sound weird to say shower-room.
I call it the bathroom or the restroom, the toilet is what's in the restroom, to me, calling it the toilet, is like calling the living room ''the television'' calling the kitchen ''the oven'', calling the garage ''the car'', those are all things that are in those rooms, and it would sound crazy to say those words for those rooms? We're going to go in the oven to eat dinner. Doesn't that sound crazy?
?   Tuesday, October 14, 2003, 17:30 GMT
Suppose they made a real toilet the size of a restroom, that would be a really big toilet, really really large! And then they filled that thing up with water and put a huge tank on it?
!   Tuesday, October 14, 2003, 19:34 GMT
Huge toilet!!!