posh American English

Guilhem   Monday, February 16, 2004, 20:24 GMT
In response to your earlier post, in one of my business classes last year we discussed how a person from the south would only have limited professional success in Paris because of prejudice against his accent. It was the opinion of many students that Parisians would consider our southern accents as provincial and not employable for top positions. Of course this perception is unfair because it is not like we go to university to learn how to grow grapes! But even in Toulouse and Montpellier the top corporations are in the hands of the northerners, so even in our own land corporate success is limited. University students have learned that speaking Parisien gives them better employment opportunities. Of course, another reason is because it's "cool". They look to Paris for the latest trends in fashion and music. That is why in my opinion bands like Massilia Sound System and the Fabulous Trobadors are good for the south because it shows the youth that it is cool to speak patois.
nicolas   Tuesday, February 17, 2004, 09:28 GMT
I am sorry, Hythloday. You are obvious the more intelligent man than me. I will go now and learn your language good. Sorry.
Arlec   Tuesday, February 17, 2004, 10:06 GMT
Hythloday, your fakeries are blatant.
nicolas   Tuesday, February 17, 2004, 11:49 GMT
That's true some young fellows think it's cool to go to Paris, but some others don't. Personnally, i have never think Paris was cool. It's a nice town, but when you live in, pollution, cars everywhere, many and many people which become too much. Underground full of people everymorning....

At least, i have never understand why some people are fascinated about Paris, (i live in Paris), when you see Roma, Barcelona, Lyon and other cities. Their colour and architecture are much more interesting.

I personnaly think South is much better in France or anywhere else.
correction   Tuesday, February 17, 2004, 14:22 GMT
or "everywhere else"