When English-speaking people speak Spanish

Joaquin   Wednesday, June 23, 2004, 22:52 GMT
Latin America - carro

Spain - coche

Philippines - kotse
Xatufan   Thursday, June 24, 2004, 02:24 GMT
Thanks Joaquin. Personally I say carro. And "kotse", did you invent it? It's quite strange...
Juan   Thursday, June 24, 2004, 02:44 GMT
Hey, Joaquin from the Phillipines is back. Hooray! :-)
Joaquin   Thursday, June 24, 2004, 05:54 GMT
Thanks for the cheer, Juan. I didn't realize I was missed.

No I didn't invent "kotse." That's the way we spell "coche" in Filipino/Tagalog. There is no "c" in the traditional Filipino alphabet so we use "k" for the /k/ sound and "s" for the /s/ sound. Simple, isn't it? We use "ts" in place of the "ch" in words we borrowed from Spanish and English.

kutsilyo - knife
kutsara - spoon
tsismosa - a woman who gossips
tsampurado - rice porridge with "tsokolate"
tsupa - suck (on something...)
titser - teacher (this one always makes me laugh)
tsok - chalk

For some reason though despite the absence of "c" and "ch" we keep them in common Filipino names derived from Spanish, like Conrado, Consuela, Concepcion, Corazon, Prudencio, Pancho, Garcia, Macias, Machado, etc. I don't know why that is.
Jordi   Thursday, June 24, 2004, 06:31 GMT
Joaquin (and not Joakin):
It's because of the Catholic Churchm which prefers to keep classic Spanish spellings for the names of the saints. Furthermore, names and surnames always tend to keep more archaic spellings. Do you know how many words of Spanish origin are used in Tagalog? Is Spanish still spoken in the Phillipines? By whom?
Mariano Alberto Garcia Del Corral   Thursday, June 24, 2004, 15:18 GMT
I find it funny when british blokes speak Spanish, however I find it nice, and sexy when girls do (I am a bloke).
(By the way, did I spell bloke right?)
Jason   Thursday, June 24, 2004, 20:15 GMT
Yes you spelt bloke right.

Personaly I think its great that some english people want to make the effort to learn another language, as a lot of them can not be asked. They may sound funny when trying to speak spanish, but credit them with the fact that they try at least!

I am not being funny with you, I just wanted to make a point =)

Jason   Thursday, June 24, 2004, 20:16 GMT
Anyone have msn messenger and want to help me with my spanish?
Please let me know!
General_Richardo   Thursday, June 24, 2004, 20:19 GMT
to Jason

besa mis huevos! puto!
Damian   Thursday, June 24, 2004, 20:27 GMT
ok...British guys are "funny" speaking Spanish?...have any of you seen any of those old replays of Fawlty Towers.....Manuel (from Barcelona!) speaking English..or trying to? That was not funny.....it was bloody hilarious! :-)

Jason   Thursday, June 24, 2004, 21:02 GMT

No soy un puto. Sois un amariconado =)

For those who don't know he told me to kiss his eggs and said I was a male whore.

What was the point in that? Well done Damian you pointed out how it can also be funny when spanish speakers try and speak english.

Personaly I still feel that it does not matter though, because at least they are trying to learn a new language!


Jordi   Thursday, June 24, 2004, 21:09 GMT
I do remember Fawlty Towers. When that was dubbed to Catalan for Catalan Television, years ago, "Manuel" was made to be a Mexican since although he was supposed to be from Barcelona he wouldn't pass for a Catalan in a thousand years. By the way, the actor was a German who fled to England in WWII. Imagine me, a Catalan, bred in Australia, playing a Scot. The result would be as funny and as hilarious as you can imagine although I do have brown hair, green eyes and light skin and I'm 5'8'', which would be an average height for a Scotsman anyway.

Born: Andreas Siegfried Sachs
Date of Birth: 07 April, 1930 — Andrew Sachs shares a birthday with Jackie Chan, Francis Ford Coppola and James Garner.
Place of Birth: Berlin, Germany

Andrew Sachs fled to England from Germany with his family when he was aged eight. His family had been planning to emigrate anyway when his father was arrested one night shortly before Kristallnacht. He was later released but the threats to a Jewish family in a Germany under the Nazis were too much so they fled to England.
Damian   Thursday, June 24, 2004, 21:58 GMT

Thanks a lot for that info. Fawlty Towers is shown on several cable channels at the moment and I think it's so funny. I didn't know anything about the actor who plays Manuel...he sounds very interesting. He is made out to look stupid all the time in the program, but of course, the most stupid of all in the end is Basil himself! Ha ha!

I'm somewhat shorter than the average Scot..... 5'1" but I'm pretty fit! LOL Blond and blue eyes so a mini Viking I'm told. I think I am of Viking herirage anyway.

You won't believe this other fact, Jordi!....my birthday is 07 April 1982! I am a typical Aries (the ram) with all the characteristics.
Jason   Thursday, June 24, 2004, 22:07 GMT
My Birthday is 03 November 1985, why are we talkin about birthdays?

If anyone would like to add me to their msn messenger please let me know? I would like to practise my spanish with either native speakers or post AS level students in the UK.


Jordi   Thursday, June 24, 2004, 22:24 GMT
Let us remember that Alexander the Great created his great Hellenic Empire by the age of 30 – with a mere stature of 152 cm! (5'1", just like you). I'm worried about you having all the characteristics of a ram. LOL. I'm a Virgo, which is the only sign you can stop being if you try hard enough.