The french are taking away our culture/language/traditions/...!!!

Louis Van Wissaent   Monday, December 13, 2004, 15:58 GMT
Unfortunatly , everybody's afraid to speak flemish ! I personally am not " Kzien k' ik nen vlaeminck en t'got azoa bluuvn ook ! " ( I'm flemish and nothing in the world could change that " ) . Too bad nobody else takes action here in F-Flanders, most young people don't even speak the old language anymore , so that makes me an exception...
I wan't to see my village flemish again . But the problem is , how can I convince the younger people to convert themselves from French to Flemish again ????

Please help ! I'm not capable of doing this on my own ...
Alan Kergoat   Monday, December 13, 2004, 16:54 GMT
The breton people support you ,
yec'hed mat !
toinou   Tuesday, December 14, 2004, 10:12 GMT

In Auvergne we found 2 colutions, we still speak our own language especially with gendarmes or anything which corresponds to french authority. Of course, this illegal, but what can they do? Take care with tourists who are usually nice people.

At schools, you can learn occitan if you want, that's how young people can learn it. Personnally, i don't speak very well south Auvergne occitan but i can understand it with my grand parents and parents. As you said, it was the same in the past, my grand father was "battu" at school if he spoke in occitan, but people insited to use it between themselves.

2nd world war has been a real opportunity here in Auvergne. Many auvergnats fight against the germans but against the french 2 just to tell them they are not the masters.

My message is not about racism or about violence, it's just i want my people free, i ant my people keep his identity.

We are not french and won't never be.

Long life to flemmish, basque, breton, auvergnat, savoyard, corse, provençal
toinou lou cantalou   Tuesday, December 14, 2004, 10:27 GMT

It doesn't work like that in France, this is illegal to speak your own language in France and guess who invented that law?

A corsican called Paske, shame on him! he has abandoned his people!
French pure horse   Tuesday, December 14, 2004, 10:53 GMT
Hi guys,

Look what happened in Yugoslavia, slovenians for example without having any war have their independance.

Of course guys, if all of your country have their independance, France will be the size of Luxembourg. ARGH ARGH ARGH
toinou   Tuesday, December 14, 2004, 11:16 GMT
tsai, tsai, lou frances que vai
Al arma de tou costel, non entre al casa!

look, look, here is the french.
Take a knife, he won't come in our home
Marius spiritu di norde   Tuesday, December 14, 2004, 12:45 GMT

you are always looking for troubles but you forget our king erased from the world the conte de Toulouse who was not abble to keep his conté in Catalogne. You forget the duc de Bourbon who was a clever french man and made an alliance to Jofré to sell your f.....g south of AUvergne and massacred the half of south Auvergne. We the north won't have any hasitation to be back because we believe in France and its rules. You still want your dragonnades, maybe you could have it soon!
H   Tuesday, December 14, 2004, 12:52 GMT
They still being frogs so it's full of frogs here! I can see european community is a really friendly place...
vincent or "vincenç"   Tuesday, December 14, 2004, 19:36 GMT
Adieu Toinou!
Sio bien content de veire un auvernhat aqui, un fraire mieu! Ieu sio delh Velai orientau, arrondissement d'Yssingeaux dinc Leira Nauta (43) si conoisses. Sabes, ère bien pessimista quant alh futur de nosta linga en Auvernha e avora vese que i a enquèra d'Auvernhats per parlar la linga de nostes rèires. De quna part de la region sias tu? Ieu sempre pensave que la linga èra mòrta dinc noste caire. Sio desolat mas aprenguère z-a escriure l'auvernhat ame la grafia occitana classica. Pense que la sobrevivença de nosta linga passa per l'estandardisacion. Tots los Occitans nos devem unir malgrat los antagonismes istorics. Espere ta responsa ame impaciéncia.

Hi Toinou!
I'm very glad to see an Auvergnat here, a brother of mine! I come from the Oriental Velay, Yssingeaux district (french department of Haute-Loire, 43). You know, I was very pessimistic about our language's future in Auvergne and now I can see that there are still Auvergnat people who manage to speak their ancestral language (most say occitan is already dead in Auvergne). From which part of our country do you come? I always thought that our language was nearly dead in our part. i am sorry if i am writing in Auvergnat with the classical occitan spelling system (which is the one adopted by the Institut d'Estudis Occitans). i believe that our language will survive only by standardizing it. All the Occitans we must unite despite the historical antagonisms.
toinou   Wednesday, December 15, 2004, 11:19 GMT
Soy l'bienvenue l'amo! chez nous autres on t'offre saucissou!

Sorry if i can't write in occitan which cannot be because there aren't rules about that.

I am from Saint Aon, the same dept Haute Loire, i have been in pension in Le Puy en Velay where it was possible to learn occitan, some guys were from Yssingeaux and i can assure you they knew occitan.

ME, it's with my family, the occitan used is different, example :

poële = padel , canou = chéri (for childrens), vaca = vache, cafe con lai...

Saint Aon is a very small village in the mountains not far from Lozère, may be you have heard about it.

My grand mother speaks all the time in occitan and never in french between us, of course she can speak french. I suspect her language being influenced by french

Long ligfe to Occitany which is far away to be dead, believe me, more and more young people want to learn it today
Louis Van Wissaent   Friday, December 17, 2004, 12:25 GMT
T'is ni dam'me ni geloov'n in Frankriyk ( gelique ou dan sommegte dadde noem'n ...) Wider will'n geweune meug'n qlapp'n inde toale dam'me gouste en enda we doa respect vou qriegn' ! Is't ni woa ?

Salut an olle Occitans , Basque , Breton , Corse , ...

(Dutch. Thanks Bart, for translating the flemish text)
Het is niet dat we geen geloof in Frankrijk hebben ( zoals sommigen dat noemen ) Wij willen gewoon vrijheid in de talen die we spreken en dat we er respect voor krijgen ! Is het niet zo ?

Groeten aan alle Occitans , Basken , Bretoenen , Corsicanen , ...

It's not that we don't "believe" in France ( as some of you called it ...) .We just want our freedom to speak any language at will and be respected for that! Don't we ?

Greetz to all the Occitan ( You guys rule ! ) , Basque , Breton , Corse , ...
Jason   Friday, December 17, 2004, 12:28 GMT
Wow, didn't know that West-( French) Flemish was so much different from Dutch and Occitan looks more like italian to me
toinou   Friday, December 17, 2004, 13:41 GMT

What's being french? I am auvergnat from the south! There's a long time came those who are called the french with their weapons in a foreign country to fight people who did not speak any word of their language! Shame on the north auvergnat who sold his soul to a king who was french, who has sold his chef, the conte de Toulouse and adopted the french language. The separation is definitive.

My grand grand grand father there is a long time ago during the dragonnades took a knife, lou Camisardas! Lou huguenots!

Unlike the french we are directly from the roman's bloods, unlike the french we are not gallo-roman.

What is sad with lou frances, is they want to impose their own ideas, traditions, for that they massacred my people.

Here finishes France, here starts South of Auvergne!

Long life to our friends Basques, bretons, flammands, and all my cousins from Occitanie except north auvergnats, hi to my especial cousins du Languedoc, we still being the same people even if the french always tried to separate us in their famous inventions "les départements", i am thinking about my brothers from the Lozère.

Lou tsa, lou tsaira!

We are still dancing la bourrée!
toinou   Friday, December 17, 2004, 14:04 GMT

France, the original one is from the Isle de France, the other people who are leaving in the actual french area were not french. France is full of different people with different origins. The big difference between North and south. But there are also some diffenrences between east and west.

The biggest difference between east and west are the bretons (celtic people, a minority in France) and alsacians (german culture), you also have the flemmish (germanised), all the others are latin (except the basques in the south west), the latin cultures in France are legion and very different, latin from the north : picard for example but there are the Lorrains (usually seen germanised like alsacians but you will be insulted if you tell them that), in the centre you have the bourguignons, in the south you have the south of Auvergne which is in conflict with the north historically and hate each others, that's true they are different but they have a common point they are abble to kill each others for nothing, that's why french government send some "gendarmes" (kind of military cops) in that places who are bretons or alsaciens. You have the provençaux...

North does not like the south and vice versa in France, a french from the north think those from the south are lazy, those form the south think the north is ugly.

The day one of them will have his independance (if it's the case), there will be a war in France, many minorities wait the moment to move.

I am french from the south especially the Languedoc, another people close to Provence but with strong spanish influences : corridas, ferias, bodegas... you also have in the Languedoc some different minorities with french catalans (same people with catalans from Spain).

Some people are divided in several countries

savoyards are divided between Swiss, Italy and France, basques Spain, France, Catalans (spain, french))

We musn't forget the corsicans who don't hesitate to use bombs if necessary.

I personnally think it's good because it says to french government they are not the masters.
Louis Van Wissaent   Friday, December 17, 2004, 20:07 GMT
I personally like our Southern neighbours ,great hospitality , great food , great heritage , just great people ...

This might offend some of you , but I hate the french, I hate the standard-language and I hate everything they have done to other
cultures within their borders. We should do something about it
( without I violence , I wan't to solve it in a mature , civilized way )