The french are taking away our culture/language/traditions/...!!!

rip   Tuesday, December 21, 2004, 20:08 GMT
You don't seem to have understood my viewpoint. I said that some people such as Toinou utter racist ideas. Sorry, but there is nothing but hate in that:"Unlike the french we are DIRECTLY (???) from the roman's bloods, unlike the french we are not gallo-roman." How do you call that?? What open-mindedness!!!! It's quite unacceptable.

"Car ça c'est l'argument pour mieux NOUS détruire" : My whole family is from southern France, so i think i can speak about this issue accordingly!!

Another question: How do you dare to compare the slaughters in Algeria against the berber people to the french language spread??
I love your arguments: I'm not french!!! I'm proud of being occitan...then You'll say "I'm proud of being gascon, or provençal and so on...whatever" Are you interested in never-ending parochial wars???
And you're beginning to get on my nerves by suggesting there is a strong occitan identity nowadays, that the southern french are separatist... I guess you're living in a dream!! Ask anyone walking down the streets his opinion about occitania! Most of the time people don't even know what the word "occitan" means (even though they are supposed to be occitan themselves...)
vincenç   Tuesday, December 21, 2004, 20:10 GMT
La fe sens òbras mòrta es.

Faith without works is dead.
vincenç   Tuesday, December 21, 2004, 20:13 GMT
on s'en fiche, laissez nous cultiver notre identité ainsi, moi je demande pas l'indépendance, seulement plus d'ouverture d'esprit.

i don't beg for independence, only leave us living freely our intentity, we'd like more openmindness.
rip   Tuesday, December 21, 2004, 20:16 GMT
I'm openminded you know... I don't prevent you from speaking occitan. On the contrary, I congratulate you for that. I just refuse the ideas of autonomy or separatism... ok?? Peace
rip   Tuesday, December 21, 2004, 20:19 GMT
Maybe,one day, I will even start to learn the idiom of my ancestors...
Polit Nadal e Bona Annada   Tuesday, December 21, 2004, 21:25 GMT
Li a pron de gènts que van en romavatge,
Li a pron de gènts que van en Betelèm;
Li vòlo anar, ai quasi pron coratge,
Li vòlo anar, s'ieu pòio caminar.

La camba me fai mau, bota sèla, bota sèla,
La camba me fai mau, bota sèla a mon chivau.

Tots les bergiers qu'eron sus la montanha,
Tots les bergiers an vist un messatgier
Que li a criat: "Metetz-vos en campanha",
Que li a criat: "Lo fiu de Diu es nat!"

En aquest temps, lei fèbres son pas sanas,
En aquest temps, lei fèbres valon rèn;
Ai endurat una fèbre quartana,
Ai endurat sensa me rencurar.

Un gròs pastràs que fai la chatamiaula,
Un gròs pastràs se'n vai au pichon pas;
S'es revirat au bruch de ma paraula,
S'es revirat, li a dich de m'esperar.

Aquèu palòt deschauça sei sabatas
Aquèu palòt se'n vai au grand galòp
Mai, s'un còp l'ai, li donaréi la grata,
Mai s'un còp l'ai, ieu lo tapotaréi

Ai un rossin que vòla dessus terra,
Ai un rossin que manja lo camin;
L'ai achatat d'un que ven de la guèrra,
L'ai achatat cinc escuts de patacs.

Quand auréi vist lo Fiu de Diu lo Paire,
Quand auréi vist lo Rei de Paradis
E quand auréi felicitat sa maire
E quand auréi fach tot cé que deuréi...

N'auréi plus ges de mau, bota sèla, bota sèla,
N'auréi plus ges de mau, bota sèla a mon chivau.
Jaoquin   Wednesday, December 22, 2004, 13:21 GMT
whoever wrote that beatings by the parisians did not happen ..., you're wrong, very wrong !

Batards !!!!!!