CringeFest 8: ironical

Genetd   Thu Jun 26, 2008 8:35 pm GMT
<<Alors d'où vient An <ironical> si ce n'est pas de La *<ironicalis> ? Il se peut qu'une hypercorrection soit à l'origine de cette forme calquée sur la suffixation latine <#alis>. Il se peut aussi que la suffixation latine anglicisée>>

Bro, I'm from the Paris suburban environs, I'm born and raised up there and I even can't comprehend what the fuck you try to say with that species of French. You're gonna embarass us all up in here holmes. In this forum we're moslly all down with the English and American communication and some times the Scottish then so what's up with this French postings? You know so that's totally bogus dude. My advise is posting in English/American/Scottish only. Only the languages of the UK and North American states is cool on this forum since that's the manner it should be cuz it's a forum for English. You know Austrailia too but they're all talking exactly like the Englishmen so it's the same. You should dig it out my point that this is not the place for impressing all the bros on this site with this French that is mostly for pretension. Peace out.