How do you pronounce my surname?

Kevin Tse   Sun Jun 10, 2007 5:55 pm GMT
I myself find it hard to pronounce my surname correctly? would you guys please give a received pronunciation? I am Chinese, and the English name Kevin Tse was given according to the pronunciation of my Chinese name, while the surname Tse was seldom seen or heard.

it's somewhat ridiculous...
Finnish Girl   Sun Jun 10, 2007 6:39 pm GMT
You are an unlucky born Chineseman, that's awful, but you can learn to live with it ;)
Ken   Sun Jun 10, 2007 7:52 pm GMT
like Tse Tse fly?
Uriel   Sun Jun 10, 2007 8:33 pm GMT
Kevin Tse   Mon Jun 11, 2007 2:19 am GMT
any body out there knows the pronunciation? please
Uriel   Mon Jun 11, 2007 6:01 am GMT
It's your name, you can pronounce it as you please.
Jim   Mon Jun 11, 2007 6:02 am GMT
I'd pronounce it something like [tse] ... no, not trying to be sarcastic. I don't know Chinese so I'm just reading the name letter by letter & transcribing it in IPA. Why not ask somebody Chinese? Could you ask your parents (not trying to be sarcastic here either: some can't)?
Kevin Tse   Mon Jun 11, 2007 6:30 am GMT
Just as you know that I am Chinese, English is not my first language, nor is it my parents', so I think only here people should know the pronunciation. And to read my surname letter by letter would sound somewhat... yea, you know, I think this is not realistic...

so, any body knows?
Uriel   Mon Jun 11, 2007 6:32 am GMT
I don't think any of us speak Chinese, so we would have no idea how your name is accurately pronounced. You should be in a better position to tell us, than the other way around.
Damian in Edinburgh   Mon Jun 11, 2007 8:06 am GMT
I think the Chinese are an amazing people - a philosophy of geat wisdom going back very many centuries. What a history that great country has and now they are in the ascendant economically. All they need to do now is sort out some of their human rights.....and STOP! STOP! STOP! eating dogs! Grrrrrrrrr.............! Stop it - it's not nice. I adore dogs!

PS: no idea how to pronounce your name.....T'see? See? Go on - tell us, pretty please.
Franco   Mon Jun 11, 2007 8:13 am GMT
I tried dog and cat and it is both very delicious, i wanted to consume my own animal when i got back home, but decided not.
Kevin Tse   Mon Jun 11, 2007 8:22 am GMT
well, I have to say I don't eat dogs, I love animals, too. and I bet people from other countries eat dogs, too.
furrykef   Mon Jun 11, 2007 12:56 pm GMT
I would pronounce "Tse" with the 'ts' in 'tsunami' (roughly the same as the Japanese pronunciation), followed by the 'e' in 'bed'. Chances are that's not an accurate pronunciation, but, unfortunately, it's sometimes necessary to mangle pronunciations of Chinese words to match the common spelling just so you'll be understood. It's too bad that romanization of Chinese typically results in spellings that really don't match the pronunciation well.

- Kef
Damian in Edinburgh   Mon Jun 11, 2007 3:38 pm GMT
So good to hear that you don't eat dogs, Kevin. I'm not vegetarian - I eat lamb - it's delicious - but when I see all those nice little four legged balls of snow white wool gambolling happily on our hillsides in the spring I get horrible pangs of guilt. I like beef - but looking into the doleful brown eyes of a cow looking at me with all that innocent curiosity over a hedge I feel similarly depressed. Tasty back bacon sarnies and roast pork with loads of crackling and luscious thick gammon steaks are such joys at Sunday lunch.....but when you read how intelligent pigs are and that they actually make very devoted and loving pets I feel suicidal.

But scoffing a dog? That's tantamount to cannibalism!!! NO WAY!
I shall give my George an extra hug when I get home this evening.....he's my Heinz varieties ragamuffin of a snuffler and I adore him big time.....the thought of eating him literally makes me feel biliously ill. I daren't even think about it in his presence - he has this uncanny knack of reading my thoughts....honestly.
Jim   Mon Jun 11, 2007 4:01 pm GMT
Second thoughts time here ... Now, I'd been thinking that to pronounce a Chinese name correctly would be to pronounce it the Chinese way. Judging by the comments from others, this seems the common view amongst native English speakers. But, Kevin, you say you are Chinese then you'd naturally be able to pronounce it correctly so why ask us?

So, perhaps you want us to Anglicise your name ... now this would be a whole different story. Again, realistic or not, all we seem to have to go on is the spelling. Yeah, /ts/ like the "ts" in "tsunami" or "cats", like the "cz" in "czar" or the "zz" in "pizza"; however; this is a very rare initial consonant cluster in English and often gets reduced to /s/. And /e/ as in "bed", however, this vowel never occurs in open syllable words in English (except for words "borrowed" from elsewhere) so it might become /eI/ (or /i:/ via spelling pronunciation as with "karate", "karaoke", etc.).

This considered, then, your name might become /seI/ i.e. just like "say". But I doubt that this would be even close to the correct (i.e. Chinese) pronunciation and I'm sure that most people would try to say your name in something approximating as best they could the Chinese way if you gave it to them.

Off topic, but, Damian, are you a vegetarian?