Hey British guys, I love this accent!!!

Terry   Tue Dec 20, 2005 2:51 am GMT
<<btw when they find out that you're staying at the Ritz Carlton in Mayfair you'll have to hire a battalion from the Brigade of Guards to protect you from the stampede heading in your direction.>>

No kidding.

<<Damian... Can you find me a friend???? I am for real. Financially secured, beautiful house in a master planned neighborhood in Prince William County, 5,000 sq ft. house colonial brick front, 2006 BMW, and most of all a vacation house in Grand Cayman-British Isle Colony.... What do say....Anxious on your reply....Cheers... Nora>>

I'm beginning to wish I were an Englishman, although those planned neighborhoods are a bore, and Virginia's so chilly. The Grand Cayman deal sounds good though.

You can't be serious, Nora, you sound as if you're looking to buy a pedigree. This must be a joke, has to be, really.
Travis   Tue Dec 20, 2005 3:25 am GMT
/me somehow does not think that this is exactly a dating site per se...
Uriel   Tue Dec 20, 2005 5:04 am GMT
Why not, Trav? After all, what is the purpose of language, but connecting with other people?
nora   Tue Dec 20, 2005 10:19 am GMT
yes, Thank you Uriel. This site help people connect with each other. By discussing the most intelligent and intellectual topics..... English language......most of all the adoring and fascinating accent the Brits have. We adore your accent, Brits are loved by American especially me. The accent and the language is intruiging especially when they used the correct words.... Thanks Uriel....Cheers...

Damian I am not looking for a pedigree... I am looking for a nice Brits to be friend with....
Greg   Tue Dec 20, 2005 1:46 pm GMT
I have a question here. Is the British accent a common and neutral one? Where all the American accent are used?
nora   Tue Dec 20, 2005 3:50 pm GMT
British accent is different. It's not nuetral or common. There's something to it that is appealing. Like when a Brits is in a crowd and you here them talking their English language, I have to stop and think what that person said and how the wordsm are being used. American English is so dull. Anybody in all corners of the world can understand it... Nora
Guest   Tue Dec 20, 2005 7:01 pm GMT
<<Is it true that Brits man are very reserve.>>

I think you need to move outside London. Most British people find people in the South East rather odd!!
Damian in Edinburgh   Tue Dec 20, 2005 8:32 pm GMT

Why go on about your financial situation in your desire to hook up with a British bloke when you come over here after Christmas? ? If any British bloke tries to pull you because of what you say you have then he's deffo the wrong sort...tell him to sling his hook even if he sounds like he's just come out of Eton College and plays Rugby with Prince William. Don't be fooled by a wee thing like an accent.

Anyway, this accent admiration thing seems a wee bit strange to us over here....I reckon the one you seem to adore must be Southern English RP, am I right? Or do you know anything about the multitude of other accents and dialects in this country? I wonder how you would feel about meeting a really nice decent bloke who treats you as you would like to be treated but has a strong West Country accent? Or a Geordie? (I guarantee you would have fun if only trying to puzzle out what the hell he's talking about!)

There's not a lot I can do in response to your original plea...as has been said, this is not really a dating agency and in any case, if you are going to London there's even less I can do to help as I live 415 miles north of Central London.

Generally speaking British guys are very different from American guys in their approach to things, especially meeting up for the first time. It's the way we are...without the "point blank directly right-in-your-face feel like we've known each other for ever" sort of thing. Call that initial reserve if you like, but in reality the British are generally very outgoing and friendly people, from Land's End to John o'Groats. It tends to take just a wee bit longer than it does in America.

Just relax and be friendly....but whatever you do, take care while you are here. Whatever you think of British accents, that doesn't mean the guy behind it is the right sort of bloke to meet up with. One good thing about London, or anywhere in the UK, ask and there's always someone more than willing to help you if you need it...... just go easy, aye?

Like any capital city, London is not representative of the rest of the country. London is not the real England, although I like to think that Edinburgh is pretty much like the rest of Scotland even though it's a fair sized city. It's just that in London you have to be a wee bit more savvy than you do anywhere else in the UK. OK?
nora   Wed Dec 21, 2005 2:11 am GMT
Damian, thank you for your advice. I like the way you sound. Appreciate your kind words. I'll be careful, Ritz in Mayfair is pretty secured. And besides I will be busy auditing our firm in Aldershot, Scotland. You guys are very nice. What an experience for me. Cheers...
Damian in Scotland   Wed Dec 21, 2005 7:51 am GMT

As you people over there say "You're welcome!"

Just another word of advice......you say you're heading for Aldershot? I don't want you to go astray in our country, but uness there is some tiny wee hamlet in Scotland by that name (which I very much doubt) you will be way off beam if you come up here looking for Aldershot.

Aldershot is in Hampshire, some 35 miles or so to the south west of London.......in Southern England, so a long way from us up here in Scotland! Who on earth told you it was in Scotland? LOL Surely not somebody in your firm? If so, buy them an A to Z (pronounced zed! ) map guide of Britain as a Christmas present.

Another piece of info for you.....Aldershot is called the "Home of the British Army" ...the whole area around Aldershot and Farnborough is full of Army bases, so there are thousands of squaddies all over the place. Squaddies is a slang term for soldiers. That may make you happy, or maybe not...depends on your level of interest in uniforms! :-) As they come from all over the British Isles you'll hear loads and loads of different regional accents, that's for sure. So...you takes your choice!

Guid luck!
Adam   Wed Dec 21, 2005 10:26 am GMT
"I'm not, but about 5 miles north of where I live is Bolton (where Adam lives) where there is some rhoticity in the accent, a few miles North of there the accent becomes extremely rhotic so people from Blackburn pronounce it Blackburrrn. I don't have a particularly strong accent, but where I live in in the suburbs of Manchester the accents are particularly sharp and nasal."

I never realise how much different my Bolton accent is from Southern English accents until I meet Southerners in real life.

That's because, for reasons that are a mystery to me, when I hear Southerners speak on the TV (which is the majority of the time) they sound normal to me, and appear to speak no much differently from how we in Bolton speak.

BUT, the strange thing is that when I hear Southern visitors to Bolton speak, they sound so STUPID that I have to try and stop myself from laughing. The other day, a group of about ten guys from the South East came into the pub, and I listened to them, and it was unbelievable how strange they sounded. They couldn't help swearing - pronouncing "fucking" like "facking." e.g. "I hate the facking Norff of England." (Soutjherners aren't as polite as Norhteners).

But I can't understand why that is. Southerners sound NORMAL on the TV, but when I meet them in real life, IN PERSON, they sound strange. It's hard to believe that they are from the same country.

Non-English speaking people probably don't realise how different that accents are around the UK.
Travis   Wed Dec 21, 2005 10:33 am GMT
>>Non-English speaking people probably don't realise how different that accents are around the UK. <<

Most English-speaking North Americans probably don't realize how different that accents are within just England itself.
Nora   Wed Dec 21, 2005 1:51 pm GMT
I know Aldershot is not in Scotland, I mean to say I am going to Aldershot and Scotland, to audit our firm. Computer Sciences Corporation is huge in the UK. Maybe I need to talk more of the people in that office so I will be educated on the English Language. What about people from Bath and Oxfordshire how is their accent??? I need to learn.... Help....Thanks Damian for all the advice. Appreciate, seem like you are very nice, to understand how American feels about the English, we love your accent and the English language but can cope sometimes to really undersatnad it. I am willing to learn.... PLSSSSS help. Cheers....
Laura Braun   Wed Dec 21, 2005 2:09 pm GMT
Why you are obsessed with Brits, give them a rest, live your own life and be happy. A person can’t be happy when falling into the mold of someone else. To be happy, one must be oneself and know oneself.
Adam   Wed Dec 21, 2005 6:27 pm GMT
A funny story about British accents -

There is a pub in Bolton town centre that I often go to. I can't remember its name. A middle-aged barmaid works there, and she has a strange accent. She speaks good English, but she has an Eastern European-sounding accent. Everyone in the pub thought the same. We thought she may have come from somewhere like Poland, or the Ukraine or Romania. Somewhere like that. It's just a very strange accent.

So, one day, someone decided to ask her where she is from.

They said: "Where are you from originally?"

And she said: "Watford."

I never took part in this conversation. I just listened. I thought: "Watford? Watford in Hertfordshire?"

But she sounds like she speaks English with an Eastern European accent. She only comes from Watford, but we thought her accent was a foreign accent.