language switch in France, when and why did it happened?

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" I donĀ“t think so, terms like barbar etc. show how high the prestige and self-confidence of the Romans were. "
After the germanic invasion, it was very fashionable to wear a Germanic name in romance areas, because they were the names of the "upper-class". those names have bee romanized and integrated among the others.


It was not a fashion to wear a Germanic name in romance areas. The many Germanic names in romance areas (up to 90% in northern France) came simply from the fact that many formerly Germanic people was living in romance areas.


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" Germanics like the Franks adopted the Latin language as well as they could in order to get a higher status. "

The huge majority of Franks never adopted the latin language, those who loved in the already germanic speaking areas continued to speak Frankish: their decendants in Netherlands, Flanders and Germany still does speak languages that derive from Frankish: those are the modern Franks.

Only a little part of them (those who were the little ruling class of the Romance-speaking areas that would became later what is now France, Wallonia and Romandia), finally happenned to speak the language of their very populated ruled lands.


It is funny how you use words like
"huge majority "
"little part of them"
"the little ruling class "
"very populated lands"
as if you were in the posession of secret documents about early medieval demographic statistics.
And all this to make believe that, in the end, only "Clovice" himself and a handful of Latinized Germanic people came and ruled in France, while the rest of the Franks remained in Netherlands and Austrasia and only came into France, "very populated" by Gallo Romans, in order to successfully fight the Romans, Goths, Burgundians, Lombards, Huns or Sarazens. After their military service in "very populated" France, they all returned humbly into their dark forests in order to wait for new orders from the Gallo-Romans and their little ruling class;-)

That is 19th century French nationalistic myth, pure romantism. The historical facts all indicate that the French people is of Latin-Germanic origin.
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If northern the french were basically descending of Frankish people (Gallo-rommans being a minority) who learned to speak latin (their own latin+germanic gramar), the question would be: why they learned to speak latin, and, why in other regions of the Frankish empire (those where Germanic languages still be spoken) the Frankish people didn't learned to speak latin the same way they did in modern romance speaking nations. (since they all were supposed to be the same people, in the same empire, (and the same "western" culture if we follow ouest theory). How a same culture can be separated in two? being coming from a single people with one language.