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Dictionary reviews

Dictionary advice for English learners

  • Comparative review of dictionaries for English learners:
    • Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary
    • Collins COBUILD Advanced Dictionary (5th and 6th edition)
    • Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
    • Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary
  • Comparative review of English pronunciation dictionaries:
    • Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary
    • Longman Pronunciation Dictionary
  • Collins COBUILD Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary (4th/5th/6th edition) with CD-ROM — It’s very easy to learn English from this dictionary, because it is full of real sentences from English books, newspapers, recordings, etc. Even the definitions are full sentences. The CD-ROM includes a Wordbank with even more example sentences.
  • Cambridge English Pronouncing Dictionary (17th edition) with CD-ROM — This dictionary is useful when your normal dictionary does not give the pronunciation of a rare word, a person’s name, a company name, etc. It has more pronunciations than normal dictionaries and can be helpful as an authority when you have doubts about a transcription in your normal dictionary. The CD version also has pronunciation exercises for British English.