Accent sample - Ashley

Wingyellow   Thursday, November 13, 2003, 03:41 GMT

I meant that Asian people expect English teachers with clearer pronunciation. As far as I know, Ashley's accent is not American at all.


Please tell us the truth and stop replying as fakers. No one really think you have an American accent. And if they think so, there would never have been a discussion as such.
Wingyellow   Thursday, November 13, 2003, 03:43 GMT
I suspect that Ashley is Philipino too.
A.S.C.M.   Thursday, November 13, 2003, 04:12 GMT
Ashley's pronunciation of individual words does sound American but her accent is strange and she seems to be a poor reader.

There are a few possibilities:
1. Ashley has reading problems. In my opinion, this is the most probable possibility, since she doesn't seem to have clear commas and full stops in her speech and has trouble spitting out the last few words.
2. Ashley is a foreigner trying to imitate an American accent. She may be from Asia, Europe, or even Scotland. This seems to be the most widely-accepted possibility but also one that Ashley keeps denying.
3. Ashley is a child around 7 years old or so who knows how to read but has not fully developed her reading skills.

Ashley, if you want to be "left alone", why did you ask for your accent sample to be uploaded in the first place?
A.S.C.M.   Thursday, November 13, 2003, 04:18 GMT
Hmm...Since Ashley absolutely insists that she's American, then I must say that she definitely has severe reading or speech disabilities if she's already left elementary school. Or perhaps she never left elementary school because of her disabilities.
She is Vietnamese   Thursday, November 13, 2003, 04:36 GMT
I think she is Vietnamese
Californian   Thursday, November 13, 2003, 04:44 GMT
I think her accent sounds 100% normal, though a bit nasal... and I am a native Californian, 15 years old. She just sounds like a kid reading something to me. There is nothing unusal about her accent, and the "something" sounds fine to me.
Wingyellow   Thursday, November 13, 2003, 05:00 GMT
If she is really an American, then I am glad that I were not her. Being an American without a standard accent is worse being a man without his pxxkxr.
And please stop being a faker. Everyone knows the truth. It is impossible that many people think a native speaker of English has a foreign accent at the same time, not a British accent or Aussie accent, but a foreign accent.
Because I am an Asian myself, I believe I encounter accented English more than native speakers. Ashley does sound like the Filipinoes.
A.S.C.M.   Thursday, November 13, 2003, 05:28 GMT
I think that regional dialects aren't that bad. They certainly do add colourful variety to the English language. I'm not so concerned about Ashley's accent but, once again, she is a very, very poor reader.
<...>   Thursday, November 13, 2003, 06:16 GMT
I think her parents are Philipino.
Clark   Thursday, November 13, 2003, 06:21 GMT
You silly people (not all of you; just the ones who say she is Asian)! She sounds like she is from Minnesota or Wisconsin or in that general area of America.
mjd   Thursday, November 13, 2003, 09:10 GMT
She's American. She has said so before and, yes, she's from Minnesota if my memory serves me right.
Simon   Thursday, November 13, 2003, 09:11 GMT
This thread has become amazingly silly.
wingyellow   Thursday, November 13, 2003, 09:40 GMT
I just don't understand. My filipino domestic helper speaks the same accent or similar accent.
Simon   Thursday, November 13, 2003, 09:48 GMT
Yes but so what?
Ashley   Thursday, November 13, 2003, 11:33 GMT
ok first off, try reading and try making sure you speak through the mic ok, i took a test on my reading and it's where it's suppose to be, sorry it's so bad, do you want me to say something without reading, even if my reading is bad, but it's NOT in real life, you still should hear my American Accent, I do live in Minnesota, and I'm not in elementary school, I'm in High School, and my first term I got all A's and B's Thank very much