Dinner or Supper

A.S.C.M.   Sunday, November 30, 2003, 00:10 GMT
Hello, Jim:

Nay, my good sir. John Smith was one of the leaders of the Jameston colony and also the chap who fabricated the tale about his rescue from Native Americans by Pocahontas. Joseph Smith was the fellow who started Mormonism by inventing the far-fetched story about golden tablets.

Of course, both names are similar and both have a reputation for telling tall tales so it is easy to confuse the two.
Jim   Monday, December 01, 2003, 00:21 GMT
Well, thank you Ray & A.S.C.M. for those interesting bits of trivia. I'm now much better informed. Now for my bit of trivia to which I've been alluding all this while. In Canada Thanksgiving comes earlier than it does in the USA. The Canadian Thanksgiving is observed on the second Monday in October.
Richard   Tuesday, December 02, 2003, 18:04 GMT
There is this one weird commercial that I've seen. It's about pizza. It goes ''Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at suppertime''. Isn't suppertime during the evening? Suppertime is during the evening.
Eastie   Tuesday, December 02, 2003, 19:36 GMT
Some cultures have their suppers late at night, which is no longer the evening hours but nighttime. ("Night" and "evening" aren't synomous in certain regions of the US, while they are in others.)
Clark   Tuesday, December 02, 2003, 20:30 GMT
Yeah; the Spanish usually eat dinner around 10.00p! I would say in America the average time would be about 6.30p-7.30p.
Ash   Tuesday, December 02, 2003, 21:57 GMT
I don't think the people who wrote the song for the commercial gave it that much thought. It's just supposed to be catchy so you can remember it.You remeber the pizza song and think of the bagels that were advertised.Most of the content doesn't go much further. It all still makes sense though. Like the stuff Eastie and Clark said
Richard   Tuesday, December 02, 2003, 23:12 GMT
Evening is at night, though.
Richard   Tuesday, December 02, 2003, 23:14 GMT
Morning starts at 6A.M, Afternoon starts at 12PM, When would you say evening starts?
Richard   Tuesday, December 02, 2003, 23:24 GMT
Well, Night and evening aren't really synonyms. ''Night'' is the opposite of ''day'' and ''Evening is the opposite of ''Morning''. ''Evening'' and ''Night'' aren't synonyms but evening is during night. Morning is during sunrise. and Afternoon is in the middle of the day.
Jim   Tuesday, December 02, 2003, 23:48 GMT
This is a nice puzzle. I think everyone has got their different ideas on what these words mean. For example, here's what I think.

day = after sunrise and before sunset
night = after sunset and before sunrise
morning = after 12 midnight and before 12 midday
afternoon = after 12 midday and before sunset
evening = after sunset and before 12 midnight
Rugger   Wednesday, December 03, 2003, 00:01 GMT
To me, the day consists of the morning hours which approaches noon/midday at 12p.m., which is followed by the afternoon hours approaching ~ 4.00p.m. Evening is between 4.00p.pm to ~ 7.00p.m., and then when it becomes dark it is night time. So I don't consider evening to be a part of night time, but rather that evening consists of the hours before darkness sets in which signals that it is "night time".
A.S.C.M.   Wednesday, December 03, 2003, 01:37 GMT
There are three definitions of "evening". Feel free to pick one:

1. the part of the day between afternoon and night, as daylight begins to fade (Rugger's definition)

2. the part of the day between sunset or the last main meal of the day and bedtime (close to Jim's definition, since most adults and adolescents go to bed around midnight)

3. the afternoon, especially middle to late afternoon (this is odd)

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