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Entries from December 30th, 2001

Should you study both British and American pronunciation?

Suppose you want to speak pure British English. Should you study American pronunciation, too? We discuss this problem in a new version of our article “How to learn English pronunciation“.


Memorizing and reviewing knowledge in SuperMemo

Our SuperMemo manual for beginners (“Using SuperMemo to learn English”) has a new part: “Memorizing and reviewing knowledge in SuperMemo“.

It explains the rules of learning with SuperMemo, shows the steps taken when you repeat a piece of knowledge, and tells you how to grade yourself. Includes screenshots from SuperMemo 2000.


The Antimoon Forum

Big day today: the Antimoon Forum is online!

If you want to ask a question, present your opinion on an article, or discuss English with other people, then post a message to our forum.


How to make pronunciation items

Update in the “Using SuperMemo to learn English” series: How to make pronunciation items. Pronunciation items help you learn the pronunciation of English words.


New “How to learn English” front page

The “How to learn English” section has a new front page.


Review of the Collins COBUILD on CD-ROM

Many of our readers have asked us to write about software (electronic) dictionaries. Now we have something for them: Our review of the Collins COBUILD on CD-ROM — the software version of the excellent Collins COBUILD Dictionary for Advanced Learners.


Reader comments on learning pronunciation

A reader has sent us a letter about why she thinks pronunciation is important and about her experiences in learning it.


Gap-filling items in SuperMemo

The “Using SuperMemo to learn English” series now has a new page about creating gap-filling items.


Norsk Experiment

Michal is learning Norwegian as an experiment. He wants to test our methods for learning English. He also wants to better understand the situation of English learners. You can read about this project on his site: Norsk Experiment.


Collins COBUILD review updated with sample pages

Our review of the Collins COBUILD English Dictionary now lets you look at two example pages from the dictionary.


Word-definition items in SuperMemo

Our new page shows how to make word-definition items in SuperMemo. The page is part of our manual “Using SuperMemo to learn English”.


Making English items in SuperMemo

Part 3 of our manual “Using SuperMemo to learn English” discusses ways of making items for English learning in SuperMemo. Each type of item will get a separate page.

So far, there is one page about “definition-word items”. In these items, you see a definition and you have to say a word which matches it.


Review of the Collins COBUILD English Dictionary for Advanced Learners

Read our review of the Collins COBUILD English Dictionary for Advanced Learners. Learn why we recommend the dictionary!


Successful English learners: Marta Wlodarczak

In her story, Marta Wlodarczak tells how she managed to learn English successfully using our methods:

I have been using these techniques for four years, and in my opinion, I have achieved pretty good results. I find it easy to read books in English (…), which gives me pleasure and satisfaction. I don’t have much difficulty writing in English. (…) My pronunciation has markedly improved.


More reader comments

Krzysztof Cichy sent us his opinion on the new Collins COBUILD English Dictionary, which he recently bought.

Joanna Wlodarczak disagrees with our article “Why we don’t like English classes”. She reminds us that we attended a good class in high school (Tom writes about it in his story). She also writes that classes create competition between students, which improves their motivation to learn English.


Why Antimoon recommends some commercial products

A few people have told us that Antimoon looks like a site which exists to sell commercial products. We have written a short article which explains why we are recommending products in some of our articles.


Reading is much easier than listening

In our new article, you can learn why reading is much easier than listening, and what this means for the English learner. The article has a short demonstration with sound.


Collins COBUILD Dictionary available at

The new Collins COBUILD English Dictionary is finally available at! You can get it for 18.39 pounds (about $25).

Every serious learner should have a good dictionary. The Collins COBUILD is the best dictionary that we’ve used. (You can learn more about English dictionaries in our articles.)


You can damage your English by writing and speaking

Does your teacher tell you: “you should practice your writing”? Well, maybe you shouldn’t listen to your teacher. In our new article, we explain why your English can get worse because of writing.


Two islands – a story about pronunciation

Michal has written a short story for those who say: “I don’t have to learn English pronunciation; I just want to communicate in English”.