To Adam   Monday, February 09, 2004, 07:58 GMT
Yeah, England is one of the nearest country to France...
The American medias are sometimes stupid, the axis of weasels because you don't agree with somebody is quite pathetic. But we are not here talk about that, everybody is sick and tired with all that stuff.
What about the most multi-culturally diverse country in Europe? Don't be so proud. As we are here to speak about France, I am going to compare England with France. Nowadays, a lot of immigrants go to England, more than in France nobody can deny it. But you probably know that France is a very specific country, between Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and France was probably the country in Europe that most immigrants came to during the twentieth century (I think about Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Algerian or Russian immigrants for example) and France is no more a French country, but a multi-cultural country like England. You can't compare England and France with the USA because the US is country that was made of immigration.
GI Joe   Monday, February 09, 2004, 07:58 GMT
What does it matter if an American newspaper coined the term? Hythloday (Adam?) used it to spite the French readers of this forum.

For the past three centuries, the Brits have been leaving Britain for the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, etc. What does that tell you about life in Britain when the populace would rather settle in foreign, untamed lands than stay in damp, cold, stodgy ol' Britain. And if you ever visit Southern France, you'll find many British ex-pats living it up in the warm, sunny climate of the French Riviera.
Simon   Monday, February 09, 2004, 08:08 GMT
Everywhere is multicultural these days. It's an international legal obligation to take in immigrants.
GI Joe   Monday, February 09, 2004, 08:13 GMT
P.S. This whole "my country is better than yours debate" is ridiculous and puerile, but if you're going to go around dissing a person's country and making general assumptions about a person's culture and nationality, you had better take a good look at how life is in your neck of the woods before you go spouting your mouth off.
Hythloday   Monday, February 09, 2004, 08:20 GMT
Re: "For the past three centuries, the Brits have been leaving Britain for the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, etc. What does that tell you about life in Britain when the populace would rather settle in foreign, untamed lands than stay in damp, cold, stodgy ol' Britain. And if you ever visit Southern France, you'll find many British ex-pats living it up in the warm, sunny climate of the French Riviera."

Try telling that to the thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants from all over the world who risk their lives on a daily basis just to get into Britain. I think that tells you a lot about how people from all over the world view Britain in comparison to all other countries. If France is better than Britain, why do so many people risk life and limb to get over the English Channel? I'll tell you why - because France is nothing in comparison. Most British people are proud to live in the cradle of modern civilisation. I say good riddance to the very small mindless minority who choose to live abroad. We're better off without that sort. And there is no comparison between Britain and America. I think I'll stay here, thank you. I'm too young to die. I don't want to get shot, get blown up in some terrorist outrage, or contract AIDS from drug-addled Yankee paedophile thank you.
I beg you pardon   Monday, February 09, 2004, 08:46 GMT
Everyone knows in england immigrants work for nothing something like 10 hours per a day without social security. Who invented the famous skinheads? EnglisH. For sure everyone wants to leave in England.
Simon   Monday, February 09, 2004, 09:26 GMT
Why do people use the word English for crap like skinheads but British when things are good? Skinheads were/are a British problem. Note terms like "British Bulldog" not "English Bulldog".
GI Joe   Monday, February 09, 2004, 09:39 GMT
Do you think France doesn't have its fair share of illegal immigrants? I believe the reason most of them head for your shores is because the French government has strict policies regarding immigration. They have a much better chance seeking asylum in Britain than they do in France. So you see, this is no indication of which culture is better, but rather, which country will let them stay.

Regarding AIDS, drugs, and pedophilia, they exist in Britain too. And if I'm not mistaken, Britain has had its share of terrorist attacks, bomb explosions, and senseless gun murders. And what with your prime minister supporting the invasion of Iraq, I wouldn't exactly call your country a safe haven from Arab terrorists. Of course, I wouldn't wish this upon your beautiful country, but let's not get too comfortable in your cushiony little world.
Jordi   Monday, February 09, 2004, 10:34 GMT
Spain is the country where most Britons presently emigrate to and that includes middle class families with young children, although we mainly get retired senior citizens. About 1 million Brits live regularly on the Spanish Mediterranean coast and I'm not speaking of tourists but residents. Lots of Britons are leaving the island because they are unhappy at the present situation in the UK. This what I've been told by quite a few of them and I can assure you Spain isn't as inexpensive as it used to be twenty years back. I love Britain myself but, then again, I love the whole world. People from the European continent living in GB are, for the most part, in their early twenties and they live a year or two in England to improve their English. They dream about coming back home almost everyday. After all, everybody loves his land and mum's cooking. At my last London hotel all the service was mainly French and in another one, I went previously to, it was all Spanish. That explains why European English is much more popular in Europe that American English. The're nearer to us and the English language trade is becoming one of Great Britain's major sources of revenue nowadays. It's sometimes hard to find English people in hotels and restaurants in London. Young Europeans are travelling more and more all over Europe to learn the main European languages that are a definite "plus" and "a must" to find a good job. It's getting harder and harder, in Europe at least, to have an executive post if you're not bilingual or even trilingual. I've even met quite a few young Americans who come to Spain just to learn Spanish and Spanish culture. Some even learn Catalan whilst in Barcelona. I'm a bit tired about people who throw garbage on other nations. All nations and cultures are great even if some of their citizens aren't.
I beg you pardon   Monday, February 09, 2004, 11:31 GMT

All the immigrants don't look GB as a Paradise, because many of them prefer to stay illegaly in France, Germany or Italy and not being in England. For the world cup in 98, i have only seen some english (not sccotish) who were drunk and were looking troubles to everyone in the street. Some of them insulted a street worker (he was arabic). Of course all the english are not like that. But i must admit that's only nationality i have seen in France which has some people like that. Of course, that must be that superiority some english are talking about. I don't think, if it is the case, that's what the other countries want to look like. Even the americans are not like that.
To Simon   Monday, February 09, 2004, 12:07 GMT
Skinheads are not british but only english, have you seen a skinhead in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. No you didn't.
nico   Monday, February 09, 2004, 12:15 GMT
That's true scottich are nicer
nico   Monday, February 09, 2004, 12:40 GMT
I think scottish are nicer because i have never been insulted or provocated in Scotland. It has not been the case in England, of course some english people are very friendly and i appreciated them
Simon   Monday, February 09, 2004, 14:20 GMT
To your question, I answer yes. Most of the hooligans who got in trouble in Euro 2000 were supporters of Cardiff (the capital of Wales).

These kind of morons do exist throughout the united kingdom. Try singing the wrong song in the wrong pub in Glasgow and see how friendly leprechauny and Celtic the natives are.

Don't give me this RACIST crap that the people of England are inbred thick as **** morons who read the Sun. These people do exist but they ALSO exist in Scotland, Wales and the rest.

The point mainly was that I don't really believe in Britain and that when it is refered to what is meant is nice England. England, as a word, is reserved for nasty England. England is a SEPARATE country to Scotland and Wales because of the way things are organised not in ethnic terms. Britain is a word you hear everyday but what it refers to 9 times out of 10 is England.

"Scottish are nice, English are nasty". What kind of RACIST world do you live in?
truth   Monday, February 09, 2004, 14:30 GMT
That's true scottich are more friendly, english are not. That's a fact you can observe.