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The Antimoon Translation Project

You know that story about a box which said “see inside for opening instructions”? It was about Antimoon. You see, Antimoon tells you how to learn English effectively. But to understand Antimoon, you have to know English. Classic chicken-and-egg problem.

Of course some learners can understand the articles on Antimoon and the advice can help them take their English to the next level. But that does not change the fact that people need two things to benefit from Antimoon:

  1. They need to find it.
  2. They must be able to read and understand short articles in English.

Let’s face it: These are significant barriers. Most beginner and intermediate learners are not in the habit of searching Google for English phrases like How to learn English — they search for phrases in their native languages and Antimoon never comes up in those searches. And even if they somehow come across this site, they do not have the skills or patience to read so much English text. The idea of reading in English arouses terror in many, if not most, learners.

Enter the Antimoon Translation Project. Thanks to the inspiration and cooperation of Eun-Deok Jin, an enthusiastic English learner from Korea, I have set up a wiki where anyone can post their translations of Antimoon articles. The goal is to bring effective learning methods to beginners all around the world.

If your native language is other than English and you can understand English well, you can contribute to the project by translating something — either a whole article or part of an article — into your native language. As in Wikipedia, anyone can add a page or edit an existing one.

So far, Jin has translated 10 articles into Korean and Michal Stanislaw Wojcik has translated 2 into Polish.


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