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Should you learn American or British pronunciation?

Images of the US and UK flagsIf you are an English learner who has just started taking pronunciation seriously, should you learn American or British pronunciation? My latest article gives you some pointers and practical information that will hopefully help you answer this question for yourself. It also has recordings of some of the best American and British audiobook narrators.


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  • Joseph John Merril Twiss

    Discounting the dialectic differences both in the UK and the USA, there is a third form of spoken English that has evolved through people like myself. Many of us, who have lived and worked with Americans and often in the USA, have learned to adapt our speech patterns in to a form that is generally described as “Transatlantic.” As an Englishman I fond it expedient in the USA to modify my non-regional and non-dialectic accent to accommodate Americans whom I found to be often ignorant of both the English language or any geographic or political differences outside their own state and/or country.

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