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Where’s Ask Antimoon?

For those of you wondering why you cannot access Ask Antimoon anymore, here’s the deal: Ask Antimoon was on a server that was set to expire on Monday. (By the way, I would like to thank Fog Creek Software for hosting the site free of charge for almost 2 years.)

For the past two weeks, I’ve been working on setting up a clone of Ask Antimoon on my own server. I made dozens of UI customizations to make the new site behave in roughly the same way as the old site (which I was generally happy with). When I finally got around to the problem of getting the actual data from the old site to the new site, it turned out that this doesn’t work. There are bugs and missing features to deal with. Yes, the data import should have been the first thing that I tested, but I was an idiot.

To make things worse, I will be mostly unavailable for the next 10 days or so, so it might take a while before the site is back up.


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  • Javi

    Don’t worry, better late than never !

  • Franco

    Is the expression “better late than never ” used in English too? I don’t think so but I may be wrong.

    why don’t you open the forum again? It would be fantastic. Anyways, good luck and I hope you solve the problems with the host. This is a valuable site for all English students. Cheers.

  • sailingariel

    Hi Tom – I hope everything works out! Please bring it back if you can!!!

    I already miss it! :)

  • Laura

    I cannot imagine that there is no antimoon anylonger, why didn’t you pay your bills, Tom?

    • Franco

      Crisis is hitting hard in Poland I guess… Imagine that you get fired and still have to pay the house rental or mortgage, food, small vices (cigars, drinking, etc). Probably having to pay the host of an obscure webpage (yet very interesting ) that very few people visit would be your last concern.

  • Laura

    I suggest if we reopen facebook page: antimoon. It’s for free.

  • Asad

    I think Tom should open a donate type of thing on his website for his marvelous service to language learners from all over the world. If every learner donates one or two dollars such issues won’t occur. It is just that Tom is really a nice guy by nature and does not want to follow the rest of the pack. Guys who are running such language learning websites or forums have already started this donate thing.

  • esllearner

    I’m really missing the website. Hope it’ll be back soon. There’s nothing comparable to this nice little antimoon community.
    Would be great if you, Tom, would be more active again for the relaunch of ask.antimoon.
    Did you actually update any of the main pages content lately? It’s been a long time that I read all the articles there.

  • Ivana

    I’m a new member and just wanted to join the community. I hope Tom fixes the problem, the site is very interesting

  • Periklytos

    Are there any news about Ask Antimoon?!

    There were a lot of helpful articles out there.

    Unfortunately, there are no cache versions in Google. For some reasons, Google couldn’t archive them.

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