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Checking the pronunciations of English words

In the latest update, I write about the importance of checking the pronunciations of English words and offer a few tips about that.


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  • Joe Woods

    Having accidentally come across the pronunciation test I was somewhat annoyed to be told thatI had got one wrong – “Is food and good pronounced the same?”
    Your answer : No – food has a longer “o”.
    The majority of native English speakers, like me, would disagree. The use of an extended diphthong in the word “food” is characteristic of affected speech so common in southern England. It is sometimes taken to an extreme where the word is pronounced : fe-ew-ed.
    I am a native English speaker from the northern part of the Union and the distortions emanating from the south-east are very annoying at times. The dropped “r” and the intrusive “r” are constant. A wildly growing phenomenon is – “outside of” – even adopted by some BBC journalists.

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