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Thumbnail of the Ask Antimoon homepageTime for the big announcement that I promised you a few days ago. I have just launched an awesome new site for questions about the English language, other languages, and language learning methods. It’s called Ask Antimoon.

If you are learning a foreign language (and taking it seriously) and/or like helping others with their language questions, Ask Antimoon will be the perfect place for you.

What’s so exciting about this new site, you ask? For starters, it’s not a discussion forum. It’s a Q&A site, also called a “knowledge exchange”. Here’s how it’s different:

  • Every new topic is a question.
  • Everyone posts only one answer.
  • Everyone replies to the original question (not other people’s answers), so the communication stays on topic.
  • If you want to add something to your answer, you edit it.
  • The best answers (as voted by users) are moved to the top of the page.

The second exciting thing are the community features:

  • You can vote on questions and answers, flag them as spam/offensive, etc.
  • If other people find your questions and answers valuable, you will get reputation points.
  • Reputation points enable you to do more things on Ask Antimoon, e.g. edit other people’s posts or close questions. Users with a lot of reputation have moderator-like powers.

So if you have a great question about any language or about language-learning methods, ask it on Ask Antimoon! And one more thing: make sure you read the Ask Antimoon FAQ before posting to prevent unpleasant surprises :)


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