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1-minute review of

Here’s my one-line review of

And I thought SuperMemo for Windows was hard to use.

First off, there are many bugs due to insufficient testing. I tried on two browsers: Firefox 3.6 and Internet Explorer 8. In the first case, I was unable to add sounds to my items (Firefox reported an “outdated plugin”). Is it so hard to use Flash the way every other website does it?

In the second case, SuperMemo refused to enable rich-text editing, claiming that I need IE 7. Guess they forgot that there are newer versions of IE out there.

But the worst thing is the half-baked interface. Adding new items, editing items and browsing through your items all take way too many clicks. The system names every item “New item”, which makes it impossible to locate an item in the list of items (and there is no way to go to the next/previous item!). Setting a font size for all your items is impossible.

If using SuperMemo had been this hard back when I was in high school, I would have never become a SuperMemo user. In its current state, is absolutely unsuitable for learners who want to build their own collections.


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  • curious

    And what about the desktop version, SuperMemo UX? I think it is a world of difference between web and desktop version, espessialy if you consider plugins

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