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Test your English pronunciation

Do you pronounce basic English words correctly? Take this short test to find out:

Test your English pronunciation


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  • Ed

    thanks! this is very helpful, now i just find out that i need to improve my pronunciation a lot.

  • camellia89

    Thanks for your post, it is very helpful for me. Can you post more and more? i want to practice my pronunciation.

  • malika zourgui

    I think being non native speaker is not an obstacle to not articulate properly the words.That’s why I am eager to better my pronunciation for soon of course if you give me a hand.Thanks a lot for your cooperation.

  • kashish

    thanks a lot … helped Very MUCH!!!!

  • Chantal

    I think your test is a bit rigid and the way you describe the score is very harsh. Just because I pronounce words a bit more relaxed than he most posh of English speakers, doesn’t mean ‘people have a hard time understanding me’, as you so bluntly state. Do I wish to have a better pronunciation? Yes, I do. But saying I can’t be properly understood because I said ‘good’ and ‘food’ rhyme, is anal to say the least.

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