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The Year of English

Aaron Knight (the author of PhraseMix) has launched a new initiative called “Year of English”. You enter your e-mail address to commit yourself to becoming fluent in English in 2013. Every day in 2013, you will receive a newsletter with lessons, advice and assignments.

Of course, I know that it’s hard to start learning English every day. To pull it off, you have to get pretty excited about English – more excited than you are about other things you do, like checking Facebook 50 times a day. Still, sometimes we need a nudge in the right direction; a daily reminder can also help you stay on track.


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  • Kader

    Thanks for the site, we need to sites provide daily lessons on e-mail

  • Javier Pérez Villarreal

    Thanks, very helpful site

  • Lucky

    It is nice to hear this sound. I always think about how to learn English quickly and effectively. I have spent about 5 hours to learn English everyday, including reading, listening and vocabulary, but so far my English still stand at the one place. I really want to improve my English because of my career and my life, but it is not easy to learn English. I think that the way for learning English is the most important. But untill now I still do not find out a good approach to study English. I read all your writing on this website and I am very happy. I hope starting new year, you can help me and other people who want to improve English can learn more effective in order to use English fluently in coming time, Thank you so much and wish the things to you!

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