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LDOCE5 Viewer is now free!

Taku Fukada’s fantastic viewer app for the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (LDOCE) is now available for free. Now even pathological misers who won’t spend five dollars on an awesome app can get one!


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  • Bin

    Thanks so much! It’s a very good software! I think it will be perfect if it can pop-up a window to display meaning of a word when double click it! just like ldcoe5.

  • Dave

    Respected Taku,

    Could you please add HISTORY button so that learners of ESL (English as Second language) can revise whatever entries they saw.

    Note that history should not get deleted if the LDOCE5 Viewer is closed.
    I mean, history should be retained and when one opens LDOCE5 viewer again the new entries should be added to the history list.

    Also, history list should capture not only headwords but also collocations and phrases.

    I hope you can understand what I am asking for:
    Simply add a history tab for headwords, phrases and collocations.


  • M. Feroj Islam

    Only one thing I miss in the LDOCE viewer is: There is no sound and transcription with the list of Academic words. The sounds and phonetic transcriptions needed to be shown beside every word. However, it is a fantastic software.–Is there any other dictionary viewer like this one?

  • Vladimir


    I installed Ldoce5Viewer on my Ubuntu 12.02 x32 Linux laptop with all the prerequisites and it just hangs when started. Is there any log files/diagnostic tools to see what it’s doing, please?

  • Saeed

    Hello.I wanted to get LDOCE Plus (by ENGLISH CHANNEL,Inc.) app for my iPad.It is different from LDOCE by Pearson. Do you think it is good choice to use?

  • VanSaak

    I don´t know if the site is still active in 2020. Anyway, I ask the question:

    I have this problem:

    Cannot find the “” folder automatically.
    Click the “Browse…” button to select the “” folder.
    C:\…\ is not the LDOCE5 archive.

    I tried the possibly solutions from Taku Fukada, but I have no result. ¿Could someone help me?

    Thank you in advance.

    P.D. Sorry for the English. Obviously I am an English student :-).

    • Prakash Dave

      You need to first install LDOCE 5 dictionary from CD. After that, install LDOCE5 Viewer. It will work fine.

  • Yaren Zhang

    The LDOCE5 Viewer app now seems to have been outdated with the newest mac version brought out. I can’t open the app now, with errors

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