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Cheap way to get the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (LDOCE)

I recently learned that The Book Depository (a British online bookstore recently acquired by Amazon) has the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English for about $24 with free worldwide delivery. This is the lowest price, online or offline, that I’ve seen for this excellent dictionary. Note that for this price you get the DVD only (no paper book). But who has the time to leaf through a huge book, right?

Of course, the first thing you should do after installing the LDOCE is download Taku Fukada’s unbelievable LDOCE5 Viewer which will turn your LDOCE from mediocre to amazing.

If you also need the book version for some reason, The Book Depository has the paperback+DVD for about $44 (free worldwide delivery). has it for £23.79 (about $37) but delivery is not free, so it would probably end up costing more. (However, has free delivery to some European countries if your order comes to more than £25, so you could order something else in addition to the LDOCE in order to qualify for free shipping.)

Thanks to commenter “michau” for the tip about The Book Depository.


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  • Wal

    Thanks for this message. I also like this dictionary very much. Definitions are explained very clearly and there are a lot of sentences in the dictionary how to use these words practically.

  • Ahmed

    Thanks for your website antimoon, I just want thank you for your work, I learned a lot through your writing.

  • Theresa ban

    Hi,I wanted to buy a Longman dictionary edition 5 but I don’t know where can I buy it..please can you help me!!!thank you

  • Francesc Franco

    Theresa ban, take a look at Amazon or Abebooks. Depending on your location it will be preferable one or another as Amazon does not ship to every country.

    I have had very pleasant experiences with Abebooks in the past, for example I managed to purchase otherwise very expensive college books at terrific prices. Usually they are used books, but as long as they are in “like new” or “very good” condition you’ll get almost a brand new one at a fraction of its retail price.

    As for LODCE there are right now a few sellers on Abebooks selling LDOCE 5th edition in paper+ DVD for around 20 Euro , shipping is included. These are indian sellers but they are reliable ass well in my experience.
    Here you have the link:

    By the way, LDOCE 6th edition is out, but I could not find any reviews on Amazon yet. It would be nice a comparison between both editions, since a newest edition does not always translate into a better dictionary as the Collins Cobuild 6th edition proves.

    Cheers from Barcelona.

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